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Your Role As An Employee; Everything You Can Expect

When you first finish university, after you have earned your degree, the next challenge in life will be finding a job. But it’s not just about seeking out any position. It needs to be in a career that will make you happy and provide you the pay that you require for a good quality life. That’s the basic wants of the typical employee, but there are other factors to consider when you enter a business. You need to think about what the employer should be offering you and the role you will be expected to play. On this article, we’re going to look at both, what an employer should offer and what you should provide them.

Your Role As An Employee


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As an employee, you will be expected to complete a job to the highest possible standard. This will be a job that you have the qualifications for, and you will be trained. Either by your employer or before you take the job in the first place. You will often be expected to maintain a high level of efficiency in the business. This simply means completing your job quickly while maintaining quality. Some employers may also be look for employees to do their part in cutting costs for the company.

It’s wise to remember that almost every job you can think of requires a certain level of customer service. You may think you have found a job where you will be working behind the scenes, aware from the client. But at some point, you will be expected to represent your business. You must make sure that you are professional, polite and sincere. A customer disliking your service could, quite easily, put your job in jeopardy.

As an employee, you will be expected to work, unless you have requested time off or you are ill. Unless you are working with foods or related consumer products, sick days are typically a trust based system. You will not be expected to prove that you can not work. Your employer will take you at your word.

An employer may expect you to work with initiative. This will often depend on how high up in the business you are. The employer may have an open door policy. You will on occasion be expected to promote possibilities for improvement in your sector of the business. However, this employer-employee relationship works both ways. Here are some of the things you can expect from your employer.

The Role Of The Employer


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The first thing to think about is that the employer has a duty of care. They are expected to keep all the workers in their office safe and free from harm. If an employee is injured, then the employer should be expected to pay workers compensation. They should also make sure the employee is ready to return to work before they do so. Occupational health checks provided by Health Assured will complete this task for the employer. They will interview the worker and make sure they are ready to return.

As well as providing a safe work environment, the employer should provide job security. Assuming the employee continues to work well, they should not be fired without reason. If the business is facing losses, they may make some of the workers redundant. At that point, however, they will need to provide the employees a redundancy package that accounts for their lost work. Similar to the period of notice, a business must give the employee time before they are let go.

Employees can also expect a fair level of pay for the job they are completing. This level should be similar to what other businesses are paying their employees. You can check the average payment levels for the job you’re completing online and make sure you are getting the right amount. It’s worth remembering that some business owners offer employees other incentives. They do this instead of giving high pay levels. This might be a company car or health insurance.

Most employees should expect their job to have advancement possibilities. This might be a new role higher up in the company or being considered to work for a different branch of the business. It isn’t always the case, but most employers will mention these possibilities at a job interview. It’s wise to look out for these prospects. Otherwise, you could find yourself stuck in a dead end career.

Once you understand, the employee, employer relationship, you will be in the perfect position to get the right job for you.