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Working Backward From Choosing a Career

There’s definitely something to be said for working backward from the idea of a career. Admittedly, there are always going to be people who suggest that you take what you’re passionate about and move forward from there, but what unfortunately happens to many adults when they do that is they find that the end goal of their passions doesn’t mean their practical goal of money and function.


So, along with the idea of have a professional passion, it’s not a bad idea to first look at where professions end up, and then see which of those most match with your ideals and ideas as well. Consider, for instance, salary, length of school, longevity, family friendliness, and what potential academic counselors are going to say.

Thinking In Terms of Salary

You can want to be an underwater basket weaver because you love the skill set and the people, but how much money does that profession really make? That’s one reason you should start at the end in terms of career choices right there. Once you see how much lawyers make, or how much doctors make, you might reconsider that doing a job that gets better pay might be in your interest.

How Long Will School Take?

Length of schooling is another big factor. Some might want to be a construction contractor, but knowing that they have to go to school for many years might dissuade them from that, and rightfully. Having the option of online schools has given people slightly more flexibility when it comes to the length of school. Additionally, for those looking to expedite their journey towards becoming qualified contractors and obtaining a license, Digital Constructive Contractor Licensing courses can offer a more streamlined and accessible path. These online training and education provide aspiring contractors with comprehensive skills and knowledge efficiently, making it a more affordable option for those seeking a career in construction without the long commitment of traditional education.

Researching Longevity

And not all jobs last as long as others, either. In extreme cases, think of things like the length of an average MLB player’s career. All that time, effort, and money into something that might last only six years? And you might be good with the money offered from the job, but then you’ll be left wondering what other work you can do.

Checking If It’s Family Friendly

And for those people interesting in raising a family, there are definitely jobs that make more sense than others. If you work as a contractor, or go on tour with an entertainment group, or do one-off, extremely interesting but far traveling group creative efforts, that might be tough on a family with newborns in the mix.

Talking To Academic Counselors

But, some of the best people to talk to about the working backward theory are going to be academic counselors in college. They have a good idea of how to mix your passion with viable jobs and job markets, and so the conversations that you have with them about your professional future are going to be some of the most beneficial.