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Will serviced student accommodation benefit my studies at university?

One of the difficult choices facing many heading back to uni in the new academic year is the choice of accommodation that they go for. With the current uncertainty around the pandemic, many are unsure on whether to go back into full-on rented accommodation for fear of another lockdown; and with some of the major universities postponing their courses or in some cases moving them online, there is added uncertainty on whether the accommodation will be worth it.

This is one of the reasons why serviced apartments are being viewed as a viable alternative to renting with housemates. In today’s article we answer the question on the lips of many looking at serviced accommodation; will it benefit my studies at university?

Serviced student accommodation lets you focus on your work

Staying focused on your studies can be a challenge at university, and with the current uncertainty raising anxiety in many individuals this challenge could become even harder. Add on top of that the need to clean and maintain an apartment, and it’s easy to see how tension could arise.

You bypass these issues in serviced student accommodation. Not only do you have access to laundry facilities, many offer canteens that let you focus on your studies even more.

You can book a short-term lease and see how the pandemic plans out

Another one of the great reasons why student are choosing catered accommodation is the flexibility offered in terms of the length of potential stays. With many unsure if their university is set to return, short term serviced student accommodation could offer a great way to remain close to uni during the semester, but the flexibility to leave if another lockdown occurs. This peace of mind can be a lifesaver when it comes to focusing on your studies.

Serviced student accommodation is versatile

The right accommodation is subjective, and it depends a lot on what you are looking for and how long you want to stay for. This is where serviced student accommodation can come into its own.

You will have a lot of different options to chose for and can find apartments tailored to those who will be staying alone and those who prefer to live with larger groups. This versatility also extends to the location. The number of providers out there means you will have plenty of apartments to choose from, whether you are looking to stay on or off-campus.

Find serviced student accommodation near your campus

The benefits of staying in serviced student accommodation will all contribute to a good environment to study and learn in.

Hopefully, we have illustrated some of the ways that this form of student accommodation can add to the quality of your studies and take away some of the normal stresses of student life. Make sure you get student accommodation close to your campus to ensure you do not have to spend endless hours commuting to get the best possible experience.