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What to Expect If You’re Planning on Becoming A Teacher

If you’re looking for a stable and fascinating career path you might think about becoming a teacher. It’s one of those careers that may be in high demand when you graduate. Becoming a teacher gives you the chance to work closely with kids every day, and try to make a difference in their lives. Producing the next generation of winners is something to be very proud of, and that’s something you’ll be aiming for as a teacher.

As with any career, there are certain things you should expect when you become a teacher. And it’s important that you make sure you know what these are before you get started. So, here is a list what you can expect when you’re planning to become a teacher.

You’ll Need to Get Qualified

When you decide you want to become a teacher, it’s not as simple as just showing up one day and starting. You have to make sure you get qualified, and this means taking a course and exams. There are options available to you here such as teacher training courses or a PGCE – just have a look at It’s important to make sure you get as qualified as you possibly can. You’re unlikely to be hired without the right sort of training and qualifications. Make sure you find out exactly what you need to do, and take the course seriously.

Prepare for Long Days

One thing you’re going to need to prepare for right now is the fact you’ll be in for long days. As a teacher, your day doesn’t end when the kids leave to go home. There is a lot of other work you’re going to have to do outside of the classroom. And it could well take up quite a bit of your time as well. You need to understand that this is part of being a teacher. There will be marking to do, as well as lesson planning and training your TA’s. It can be difficult to keep on top of things, but you need to be prepared to put in the extra work that’s necessary to succeed.

There’s a Lot of Variety

In spite of the hard work, being a teacher can be a wonderful occupation. You get to teach children to improve their lives. And another great thing is that every day is different and you’re constantly moving and adapting. You might be teaching in portable classrooms like the ones found at Sometimes you might be in the sports hall, and other times you might be outside. You’ll also be teaching new things on a regular basis, so it offers a lot of variety which keeps the job interesting.

You Need Confidence

You’re going to need a lot of confidence when you teach, so if you don’t have any, you need to develop it. The fact remains that you’re going to be dealing with a lot of children. You’re going to have to stand up in front of them and teach them stuff. And you will need to exude confidence in order to gain their respect and trust. Make sure you have researched thoroughly so you know what you’re talking about. And try to work on your public speaking because you’ll be doing a lot of it.


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You can get an idea from this post about the sorts of things you can expect from being a teacher. It is hard work and a lot of dedication, but it can be so rewarding. Make sure you understand what you need to expect, and prepare for it so you can be the best teacher possible.