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What Shall I Do After School?

“What shall I do after school?” is a question I am asked every day from kids my age. It’s such a simple and basic question, but kids are not always as forthcoming with answers as adults. What should they do after school if they want to do anything? In this article, I will give some advice on what you can do after school to make the most of your spare time.

Read a book – Even if you just have a book in your hand, read something! There are books and books about almost everything. Even if you know a lot about cars, why not read a book about cars? Maybe you will learn something new or maybe you will learn how to deal with an important situation differently. It doesn’t matter what you are reading about, just get involved in it.

Go shopping – This might sound stupid but it is actually a very good idea. When you’re walking to your car in the morning, what do you see? Usually, you see all the cars in front of you, the ones that go the fastest and the ones that look nice! Why not fill your head with the thoughts of all the great things you could be doing with your life if you owned that fancy sports car? You might even think of sharing it!

Join a club or choir – Most kids love music and joining a local choir or a club gives them a chance to show off their musical talent. They also get to meet new friends and perhaps even find romance! Or they could just learn to play an instrument – there are lots of places where you can teach yourself how to play a musical instrument. And learning a skill is always useful.

Play a game – Anything is better than sitting at home by yourself playing video games all day. Get out of that depressing house and get busy! There are so many fun games out there to choose from such as solitaire, Scrabble, crossword puzzles (pop over here to try one) and even the ever popular pass the word! Anything is better than sitting around doing nothing! Try to find something you like and do it as much as you can.

Go to the library – Now this is something that will really surprise you. Usually when a kid’s parents ask them what shall I do after school, the first thing they say is “Book!” However, books don’t usually help solve problems. Sometimes you just need to read other people’s problems to know what you are supposed to be doing!


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