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What Former College Students Wish They Knew Back Then

We all know the popular saying, “Hindsight’s 20/20.”  No matter who you are, you always know exactly how not to do something once you’ve completely wrecked the process once before.  

The key to avoiding the inescapable regret of hindsight regarding your college years is to actually listen to those who have gone before you.  Take the time to check out a short article, featuring a few things former college students wish they knew in the midst of their educational adventure. 

Self control really isn’t a myth

You may think that being a little wild is just part of being young, but that isn’t a stamp of approval for you to wreck your body in college.  Going hard at the biggest party on campus sounds like a whole bunch of fun until the party goes bad. 

It’s fine to enjoy your time in college.  Have fun attending a party here and there, but practice self control.  Don’t let the party rule your world. You could find yourself mixed up in a slew of terrible situations.  

Self awareness works wonders

Again, you’re young, so self awareness isn’t likely your strong suit.  However, that doesn’t mean you can’t put forth a strong effort to grow.  

College is the perfect place to grow and become more aware of the power behind your existence in a social circle.  When you gain more control over yourself and your choices, you will fair better in the world.  

For example, a self aware student may drink at the party, but they won’t drive home.  Making the decision to drink and drive can injure someone else, and a self-aware individual would have the forethought to consider others safety as well as their own.  

Use your brain even when you’re not in class

You may still be a student, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get yourself into some super cool learning experiences along the way.  If you have the time, it’s always worth the effort to engage in enriching extra-curricular educational events.  

Live frugal and communal

You may have access to quite a bit of money while you’re in college, but that doesn’t mean you have to take it or spend it.  Live below your means while you’re in school, and the years spent “roughing it” will pay off later in life.  Live with fellow students, and split the costs of living.  

Stash away as much money as possible 

If you have time to work a job, work a job.  Take the money you earn, and save as much as possible.  Setup your own little savings account, add money whenever you have it to add, and don’t ever even check the balance.  By the time you graduate college, you’ll have a nice financial cushion to start your new life.