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What cities in the UK offer the best student accommodation?

Booking the right student accommodation can be a challenge; you have to take into account the distance to the campus, overall travel times, and rent costs. The increase in private providers now means there is a lot of variety on the market in terms of the type of accommodation that you can book. Additionally, there is also student accommodation available in cities that simply did not offer it before.

In today’s article, we break down the different cities that offer good student accommodation in the UK and the universities that are situated there.

  1. London student accommodation

London is the capital of the UK and offers good student accommodation for a variety of different budgets. However as this is an expensive place to live, all accommodation here will be charged at a premium when compared to the rest of the UK. Some of the universities in this city include:

  • King’s College London
  • London School of Economics
  • Imperial College London
  • University of London
  1. Bristol student accommodation

Bristol is one of the most popular university towns in the South-West and now offers a large variety of student accommodation both within and outside the city. Popular areas to stay include Filton, Stokes Croft and Clifton. The two major universities in this city are the University of Bristol and the University of West England.

  1. Birmingham student accommodation

Birmingham is one of the biggest cities in the UK outside of London and is very popular for students located around the country. The central location means it can be accessed from different areas. Student accommodation in this city is also very reasonably priced when compared to London.The five universities located here include:

  • Aston University
  • Birmingham City University
  • Birmingham University
  • Newman University
  • University College Birmingham
  1. Bath student accommodation

Bath is one of the most beautiful cities in the UK and is very popular with students looking for a more chilled out city for their studies. Student accommodation is great here but it will cost more than in other cities around the UK. Accommodation for students can be found in the centre of the city and towards the outskirts. The small scale of the city means many will be able to travel to university easily without having to worry about long commuting times.

The two main universities located in this city are Bath Spa University and the University of Bath. Both are located towards the outer areas of the city and cater to different students with various courses.

These are just some of the cities now offering great student accommodation

The four cities listed above have offered housing for students for a while but the increase in private providers means there is now a lot more to choose from. It is also worth bearing in mind that these are just some of the cities that offer good student accommodation. You are now no longer limited in terms of the place to stay and can focus on picking the right university for you.