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What Can I Do With My Science Degree?

We’re always told that learning your sciences is important and those of us who get that far know how much work it takes to get into a science degree. But as with any choice of course, there’s a certain amount of apprehension about what waits for us on the other side of the degree. Most graduates will go post-grad and get their PhD. But what then? What career opportunities are there? We hope to answer that for you.


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More than most career choices, getting into a science career is all about preparation. A PhD is almost mandatory for most of the career options you get, but not all. Doing a lot of the groundwork while studying can kick-start your career after, too. With your specific skills, you’ll also need to do a specific job search which Hyperec can help you do.


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A lot of people who do PhD work will then go on to do a post-doc. Getting into science research can land you in all sorts of fields. Biochemistry graduates might find themselves branching into life science research and other medical fields. Whatever field it is, your work is usually tied to funding and the teams you work with. If you’re someone who enjoys the doctorate experience, you’ll love taking that same kind of work to the research level.


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Shifting laterally is an option that opens you up to all kinds of possible careers as a science graduate. One that doesn’t require a specific degree in it is forensic science. There are more than one kind of forensic science job involved, few of them matching up to the CSI-style of investigating that a lot of people have in mind. If you like working in a lab and using data to connect bridges with other data, forensics might be for you.


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Some science graduates enjoy getting into research. Some enjoy doing work with lab methods. Others like the academia and prospect of learning. In that, teaching might be for you. To get into the higher tier teaching positions, you will need to have considerable experience as a scientist in your own right. However, the world is always in need of great high school science teachers too. If learning is your passion, spread that to the next generation.


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A path suitable for all specialists in biology and chemistry. Pharmaceutical work can take all kinds of forms. You could work in a pharmacy itself or you could work for a pharmaceutical company. The medical and pharmaceutical field is a profitable one, but one that requires a very busy work life.


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Business analyst

If you find yourself wanting to take yourself aside from science after your education, you wouldn’t be the first one. Nor are you necessarily in a dead-end when it comes to your career. Business data analysts need to have the same knack for spotting and solving problems with data as scientists, too. Inquiring, problem solving minds are just as much use here as they are in science. If you want a break from the lab, this could be the route for you.