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Ways to encourage KS3 English students to make more effort with their writing

Most students will snigger at the mention of writing exercises, but there are many methods you can put into play that can help deter this response.

A lot of teachers feel guilty for making their students write for long periods because you can just tell they hate it. But it’s our job to know what the students need and that thing is writing practice.

Learning shouldn’t be easy, it is designed to help us prepare students for the hard work they will do later on in their lives.

Here are some things you can do to encourage them to make more effort with their writing.

Don’t focus too much on form

It is vital that we encourage an enjoyment for writing in KS3 students. If we focus too heavily on the form of their writing we will distract them from the most important part of writing and stifle their creativity.

Focus on the mechanics

To encourage students to enjoy the writing process, there are many resources and activities you can do with them. Focus on the mechanics of writing first (such as spelling, punctuation and grammar) and then you can work on developing their form gradually as the mechanics improve.

Show them how to enjoy and learn from reading

You can encourage your students to enjoy reading by showing them that reading doesn’t need to come with pressure. Show them that reading can be a great escape.

Show them a wide range of books so that they may find something they enjoy. Finding a genre that they love may encourage them to read more in the future.

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