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Useful Advice for Students Pursuing a Side Hustle

When you’re in school it can be tough to find ways to maintain a good cash flow between studying, going to class, and going out at night. However, there are all kinds of options available to students who are looking for an extra side hustle.

A handful of them can be found at workclass, be it freelance writing projects or remote tutoring. These kinds of jobs can offer you an opportunity to earn handsomely so that you do not have to ask for pocket money every now and then. That being said, in this article, we have listed a few options that could come in handy if you are in school.

●      Babysitting

Whether your campus is out in the sticks or part of a busy big city, someone is always in need of a babysitter. If you are looking to become a teacher or just like being around kids, try to find some time during your busy schedule when you can watch over someone’s children to stack some extra funds.

If you need to, decide on how much you want your hourly rate to be, then you can put yourself out there on some websites to find possible clients.

If you are worried that you live in an area that isn’t big enough and you won’t be able to make enough money, you can print a good looking flyer and give them to your professors to see if they may be interested. Sometimes, they make for the best clients.

●      Proctor Exams

There’s plenty of money to be had in proctoring tests and college students have the ability to make some solid cash by doing so. Go around and reach out to high schools in the area and try to see if you can proctor the ACTs or SATs.

You can also offer services to professors at your university or department heads. You’d be surprised at how many professors would love the chance to have another student proctor their exams or any standardized test.

All you really have to do for this job is give out pencils, tell everyone to stop at the correct time and look around to see if anyone is cheating. Pretty much anyone can pull this off.

●      Tutoring

If you are particularly good at a specific subject that other students seem to struggle with, you should consider becoming a tutor. Parents will sometimes pay a lot for tutoring services and you could even tutor in basic subjects for elementary school children.

Sometimes, you can also tutor other college students in subjects they are not familiar with. Some classes are required for other majors to take outside of their field of expertise and plenty of these students will be willing to give a few extra bucks away to get some professional help in certain subjects.

If you are planning on becoming a teacher when you graduate, this is the perfect side job for you. You can hone your real world skills all the while getting a few extra dollars for yourself!

●      Driver/Delivery Driver

 If you are lucky enough to have a car on campus, you can make all kinds of extra cash giving out rides through Lyft or Uber. These apps are very popular on college campuses where many people either don’t own cars or need a ride after a long night of heading out to the bars.

You could also become a food delivery driver for any number of places. If you can’t get hired at the local pizza place then you can always drive for DoorDash or something of the sort. There is no shortage of hungry people and places to get food on your campus.

Not to mention, in the current times we live in, delivering things like groceries and various supplies is becoming more and more commonplace. If you have a car, this is one of the best ways you can make consistent money while in school.

●      Freelance Work

If you are a photographer, writer, website designer, or can create content in any way, you can market your skills as a freelancer. What’s more, freelancers can work their own schedules and work around whenever they have to go to class or take time off when they need to study.

There are a few websites that can connect freelancers with those who are searching to hire someone else to do a variety of tasks for their businesses. You can use sites like Upwork or Fiverr to begin your journey and once you build your portfolio, you can market further through social media.

Freelancers can work for various individuals, a nonprofit agency, or a large company. Each client will have different standards and you will absolutely have to be able to go by differing guidelines if you want to succeed.

If you can fit it around your schedule, freelancing is a great way to get real world experience with whatever task you’re looking to market yourself in. You can get credit for the work you do and you can add it to your portfolio so you can share it with other possible clients.

Of course, it’s important to make sure with your client that your name can be put on these tasks you do so that you can put them in your work samples and even apply for a full-time job in the future using this.

It’s Also Important to Stay Out of Debt

Student loans and expenses can add up and the overall cost in pursuing a higher education can be intimidating. That is why it’s best to get out of debt as quickly as possible if you’re already in debt or, better yet, avoid debt as much as you can. If you’re in debt and want to get out as soon as possible, try one of these side hustles that you can do in your spare time and make some extra money and put it towards becoming debt-free!


Hopefully, you now have a good place to begin thinking about what kind of part-time jobs you can keep on the side in order to have a few nice dinners and nights out on your weekends, or even put some of that money towards paying off your student debt.

All of these jobs are fairly easy and can even be pretty enjoyable with some nice perks that will not only help you save up some funds but give you some valuable real world working experience!


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