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Top 5 Software that you will need on your laptop as an Online marketer

As an online marketer, there are some tools that you are going to need, prominent of which is a laptop. Fortunately, virtually any new laptop in recent times would easily serve an Internet marketer except you hope to do serious editing of Youtube marketing videos or play graphically heavy games. Apart from those, any laptop that is dual-core or higher, processor speed of over 1.5Ghz, RAM size of 4 GB and Hard Disk Drive size of 500 GB would serve. If you are bothered about the cost of getting a new decent laptop, you can check the cheapest tech deals. On the laptop, you would need the requisite software that would allow you to do your job. Here are the top 5 software that you will need on your laptop as on online marketer.

Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office is a suite of software that contains more than 7 software packages, many of which would be needed in your job as a marketer. Microsoft Word would come in handy for typing reports and other documents that you might need to type. Excel will come in handy for keeping records of your clients, what you intend to do for them when you want to do it, and to analyze the results you are getting. Microsoft Powerpoint will also come in handy for making presentations that you can send to your employers to show the progress you have made in marketing their business. However, apart from the basics, there are other functions that Microsoft Office could be used for. And in case you feel that you could do with some in-depth learning of the software, opting for training experts such as AdvantEdge Training & Consulting could be a prudent option to explore.

Internet Browser
Internet Browser is required for you to access the Internet. You would be doing most of your job as an Internet marketer online. You are either promoting products on social media or sending emails among other activities expected of you as an online marketer. Thus, there are several reasons for which you would need an Internet explorer.

Virtually every computer comes with a calculator. When you want to make a simple calculation such as conversion divided by the number of hits to get conversion rate, you don’t need to go all the way to open Microsoft Excel or other complex applications. Your simple calculator would load faster and require lesser effort to achieve the task.

With the aid of notepad, you can easily store basic information as they come to mind. In some cases, a simple idea could come that you need to put down immediately. Opening a notepad would be faster and would allow you to easily and quickly put down the information. You might also want to go for sticky pads so that you can stick such information to your desktop and be able to see them regularly so that you do not forget.

In some cases, you would need Skype to communicate with other people including your employer, those working for you or people you are intending to employ online, probably from freelancing sites. Skype allows you to be able to put a Video call through so that you can be sure of the person you are employing including their ability to speak the language you want them to work in and their overall fluency while speaking.