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Tips for staying sane while choosing a college or career path

There comes a point in everyone’s life where we must decide what direction we want to take our lives in, and how we’re going to begin that journey. This decision making process may come easily and with little to no stress for some, but for others may be one of the most difficult things they do in their lifetimes.


Here are a few tips for staying sane while making big education and career choices in life.

Remind yourself that nothing is set in stone

Studies show that around 80% of college students change their major at some point during their education and the average American changes career paths around 7 times in their lifetime. Keeping in mind that you’re always able to revise your plan can take a large amount of stress out of the decision making process, and will help you to focus less on how big of a decision this is and more on what you’re really interested in.

Use the resources available to you

Get in touch with the resources available to you, whether that be a high school career counselor that’s able to assist in choosing a college, an HR representative at your current employer who’s in charge of career advancement, or a family member or peer who’s able to steer you in the right direction.

Great resources can also be found online, in books, and at career and college fairs. The amount of help available to those in search of direction when choosing a college or career seem to be endless, and knowing where to look to get help can be a huge stress reliever for everyone involved.

Find a healthy way to manage the stress

No matter how many helpful resources or great books you may find on career changes and college choices, you could still feel very overwhelmed and stressed. Make sure you find a healthy outlet and productive ways of dealing with the stress. Test out a few proven ways to relieve and cope with the stress such as exercise, meditation, a healthy and balanced diet, time with loved ones, or a few deep breaths.

Coping with the late nights, long days, and early mornings might lead some to use different substances like caffeine or alcohol, which could become a problem. If you find yourself getting more and more dependent on an unhealthy substance to deal with the stress, make sure to find help and support immediately so that you don’t affect your budding future.

Staying cool, calm, and collected while making these important decisions might seem near impossible for some, but using these tips may make the process seem a little more bearable and may even help you find some pleasure in defining your future.