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Tips For University Students Who Are Freshers

Joining a university can present you with a life changing experience. As with anything in life, you will experience ups as well as downs. However, you will be so much wiser that you will thank yourself for deciding to join a university program. As a fresher, you need to take care of certain aspects in order to leave the university with the satisfaction that you have gained something worthwhile. Here are some tips that will help you with your life as a student in a university:

Attend All Lectures

The main purpose of joining a university is to acquire a degree. You should never lose track of the purpose. Of course, you must take part in other activities at the university, but the primary focus should be getting the desired degree. You need not worry if you have to miss a lecture occasionally after a great outing in the night on the previous day, but never develop a habit of missing classes. You will soon regret that because you will be forced to do re-sits.

Just Be Yourself

At the university, you just have to be yourself. It is a great time to make as many new friends as you can, irrespective of whether they are apartment mates, course mates or local people. It does not pay to be the most popular person in your class because nobody cares. You just have to make friends with those who think like you so that you can hang around with them or spend some quality time together.

Take Proper Care of Your Money

Never make the mistake of believing that you have sufficient money with you. Often, the student loan may not be sufficient and it may run out fast. Always have a budget; think twice about buying something and take an informed decision when you splash out on something.

Spending a little amount of money here and there at cash machines can soon add up and your wallet may drain out. If you use NUS Extra card, you will come across different kinds of deals.

Pace Yourself

You will be surprised to note that time flies when you are at the university. Take care to complete your coursework on time. You can put up a list containing the deadlines for all the years on your wall so as to avoid cramming on the night before the due date.

A university is different from a college. If you don’t submit your work, no one will come behind you to remind you. You will fail automatically. Finish your assignments early so that you can enjoy the spare time that you get.

Ensure Safety at Night

Avoid walking around alone in the night. You are in a new town/city and it is important that you are street wise so that you don’t walk into restricted area. Also, take care to keep your wallet, mobile and iPod hidden as much as possible.