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How to Tell if You’re on the Wrong College Course

Going to college is an exciting time. You will spend the next three or four years studying a subject you are passionate about, making new friends, and partying all night long. What’s not to like?

The problem is that for some students, college turns out to be a disappointing experience. The course they thought they would love is nothing like they expected and frustration soon sets in. Unhappy students are at high risk of underperforming or, worse still, dropping out. When you plan to go to college, it’s so important to do lots of research beforehand to make sure this is the right course and place for you. Look for well-reviewed colleges and courses. For example, some of the best colleges in Pittsburgh are well-reviewed, so that could be worth considering. Take time to research. However, you might still be wavering about whether you are on the wrong course, so here are a few tell-tale signs you need to start giving the matter some serious thought.

It Wasn’t Your Choice

Pushy helicopter parents are a nightmare. Plenty of kids stand up to mom and dad and choose the course they love, but if you ended up choosing accounting to please your parents, when you would much rather be doing a health law degree, now is the time to listen to your gut instincts. It’s pointless studying a subject you don’t care about. This is your whole future we are talking about!

Low Attendance

Bachelor students are expected to choose a major subject to study. There are literally hundreds to choose from, ranging from fine art to health law and policy. Hopefully you took some good advice before you applied to college and you love the course, but if you end up skipping lectures and your attendance rate is poor, it isn’t a good sign.

Poor Grades

Poor grades in the early months are sometimes a reflection of a steep learning curve. However, if a student is consistently turning in poor quality work, it is often a sign they are not motivated enough to put the effort in. We all put more effort in when we like what we do, so it stands to reason that when a subject bores us, we stop trying. If you are finding your course tedious and boring, stop procrastinating and look at switching to a new one.

Fun Time is More Important

University is not just about work. The extracurricular activities are as much a part of the college experience as everything else, but when the time you spend away from class is more important to you, there is a problem. You might even discover that one of your extracurricular interests is actually a better fit for your talents.

You are Deeply Unhappy

If you are deeply unhappy about college, something needs to change. Often a sense of dissatisfaction with a course spills over into other aspects of our life, so we might start feeling depressed with relationships or unable to enjoy the social life we previously embraced with both hands. Don’t ignore these feelings; they won’t go away.

What’s Next?

Once you realize you are on the wrong course, talk to your course tutor or counselor about your concerns. If necessary, they can help you change to a different major.