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The Student Guide to Making Your Mark in Fashion

So you’re fresh out of uni, and somehow you’ve landed an ace internship opportunity at a top fashion brand. Once you’ve got your foot in the door, what do you wear? You could go for the deliberately dressed down look, wearing a t-shirt, leather jacket and leather boots. Or, you could go fully suited and booted to show just how willing you really are.

One thing is for certain; what you wear is really going to be dependent on the brand. If it’s a high-end suit retailer, you aren’t exactly going to rock up in your favourite grandad jumper. However, it can often be difficult to get your look just right. Noose & Monkey, an expert in men’s fashion, is here to help you get that look that says you’ve been in the industry for years, even though you’ve just left university.

It’s not just about the clothes that you wear

Even though many male models have beards and eccentric haircuts to match the clothes that they wear, you should go for a subtler look when it comes to your facial hair and haircut, so as to mimic other professional working environments. It’s always best if you go into your first week clean shaven, or if you have facial hair, make sure it’s styled and trimmed. You can look for nearby Barbershop Industry businesses to book a grooming session with a salon that can provide quality services.

Suit and boot up

If you’re in a client-facing role during your internship, then you can’t expect to interact with people outside of the business in anything other than a full suit. Although you need to be wearing a suit, this doesn’t mean that you can’t wear something with a bit more flare and eccentricity. Go for a tartan or magenta coloured suit if you’d really like to make a lasting impression.

If you’re going to be attending any after-work events or an event on behalf of a client, then make sure you’re wearing a three-piece- or velvet suit to show that you really know how to dress for the occasion.

Ditch the trainers

It’s no doubt that your favourite pair of trainers have done you well throughout your time at uni, but it’s now time to ditch those beloved shoes for a pair of something slightly more stylish. There are a few staple-items that’ll last you through every season. Begin with a classic; the brogue. Whether they’re brown or black doesn’t matter, but make sure they’re matching the trousers that you wear. In the winter, opt for a pair of leather Chelsea boots. In the summer, choose casual loafers, but don’t wear socks with them, as this is almost as bad as socks and sandals…

Go for classics that last

Men are lucky, because some items of clothing never go out of fashion and stand the test of time. If you wear a staple item on the days that you don’t want to be eccentric, then you’ll never run out of clothing options. Try to go for a white oxford shirt, and avoid more casual looks such as V-necks, brightly coloured t-shirts, or items with excessive writing on them – staple items will ensure that you look good all day every day you wear them.

Don’t be afraid to accessorise

It’s not every day that a student is able to implement accessories into their outfit, as money is usually a constraining factor, and women tend to beat men on the accessory front. However, there is hope when you’re working in the fashion industry. Try to incorporate a watch or a tie clip when wearing a smart suit. Alternatively, if you’re going to go more casual and opt for a shirt and trousers, use suspenders or a tie that adds coloured depth to your outfit.

Casual isn’t always ‘casual’

If you’re working for a brand that’s slightly casual in its outlook and style, remember, you’re still working in the fashion industry. Never, ever, think it’s ok to arrive in a pair of joggers, even if it’s Friday! Chinos are always a good option if you’re wearing a plain shirt, and brogues go perfect with them for the ideal smart-casual look.