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Space saving tips for a small office

When it comes to cramped office spaces, staying organised and productive can be tricky. If you’re surrounded by teetering piles of paperwork, your chair doubles up as a coat rack and you spend more time trying to navigate around your cluttered desk than actually working, now’s the time to take action. To prevent your workplace from descending into chaos, here are some useful tips for maximising space in a small office.

Invest in space saving furniture

Thanks to companies like Office Monster, there are plenty of options when it comes to office furniture. However, in a small office, you need to be clever with it. One of the easiest and most effective ways to make the most of the available room is by taking advantage of space saving furniture. Avoid large, bulky items and instead opt for narrow, slimline filing cabinets, corner bookcases and L-shaped desks. You can check out your options by visiting furniture showrooms or visiting the websites of specialist suppliers such as Furniture At Work™. Desks with integrated storage solutions are another space efficient option for bijou workplaces. These multi-purpose pieces of furniture can extend your workspace without taking up too much room, while also offering a handy place to store all your office essentials.

Think vertically

Another way to free up much needed surface area is to use the vertical space on offer. Adding open shelving to empty walls gives you a useful place to store office stationery, printers, folders and other supplies. This way, all of your frequently used equipment will be within easy reach without cluttering up your work surfaces. Adding hooks and shelves to the back of doors can also provide extra storage areas for coats and bags. If you have to share an office space with someone a panel room divider can help you keep things separate without cluttering the place up, as well as giving some professional privacy.

Clear the clutter

A cluttered environment is a hindrance in any workplace, but even more so if you’re tight on space. Not only can a messy and disorganised work environment lead to increased stress levels, but it can also physically slow you down and impede productivity. To minimum distractions, purge your office of anything that isn’t important. Take a look at your work area – if there’s something you haven’t used in a few months, chances are you don’t really need it. Even if you need it, the least you can do is store it away. With the help of Boombox Storage or similar companies, you can have your office clutter picked up and stored safely at a reasonable price, and have it brought back in case you need those items again. Make sure everything on your desk has a purpose and ditch anything that is merely decorative.

Use fold away furniture

A small office often requires flexibility. Folding tables and chairs and other portable furniture is ideal if you don’t have the space for permanent workstations or meeting rooms. By allowing for quick changes in furniture arrangement, fold away furniture can be used for a wide range of activities and provide you with more room as and when you need it. When the furniture is not in use, it can simply be stacked or stored away to give you more space.

By bearing office design tips like these in mind, you shouldn’t struggle to create an ordered, comfortable and productive working environment.