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The rewards of teaching maths

The job of a maths teacher is both challenging and rewarding and gives people the opportunity to make a positive difference to the lives of young people. But what are the most rewarding things about being a maths teacher?


We sat down with teaching experts, ITN Mark Education, to talk about the most rewarding benefits of being a maths teacher.

You can inspire learning in one of the most difficult subjects in school

It’s no secret that maths is widely considered to be one of the most, if not the most difficult subject, in school. It’s for this reason that many maths teachers claim to feel an even higher sense of reward than their peers, as they manage to inspire learning in a subject that intimidates even the most academic of students.

Guiding pupils through difficult equations and complex instructions can seem challenging at times, especially with more reluctant students. However, there are few things more rewarding than seeing a pupil have that ‘lightbulb moment’ when it finally clicks, and they understand how to work something out. Combine this with seeing previously reluctant students defy expectations in exams and you have a career that’s very rewarding.

Maths teachers are needed at all grade levels and are in high demand

Maths is a core subject and is taught right from reception level to high school, as well as college and university if the student chooses to continue learning the subject.

Did you know that there is a shortage of maths teachers? So they’ll be more chance you’ll be able to progress to a rewarding career once you’ve qualified.

Many maths teachers find a job quickly once they’ve finished university and this demand continues throughout their career.

You can also home-tutor during GCSEs

Many maths teachers and ex-maths teachers choose to home-tutor as pupils’ GCSEs loom. This gives you the opportunity for one-to-one mentoring sessions with students who are struggling and may have ordinarily found it difficult to pass their exams.