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Reasons to change jobs

Thinking of changing jobs but not sure if it’s the right decision to make? It takes time to do job searches, create a CV, and find the right position, so it is extremely important to ensure the reasons you are changing jobs, are the right reasons.


Are the reasons you are want to change careers good reasons? Here’s these five examples of good reasons why you might consider changing jobs. If you have made your mind up after reading, look for jobs online with city calling.

1. You just don’t like it –
If you simply dread getting out of bed each morning to go into that dead end job, it might be time to make the transition into a new career or field. Life is far too short to keep doing something you hate and a career which is holding you back. So, this is one great reason pointing in the direction of changing careers some time in the near future.

2. Slow (to no) growth potential –
If you have been in the same position for 5 years and simply can’t make the climb to a new position, maybe this dead end job isn’t for you. Or, if the current skill sets you have aren’t working towards the job you are currently doing, it might be time to make the switch. It is possible that you have simply outgrown your job. If the time has come, maybe you might want to look at the classified ads or job posting boards online.

3. Issues with co-workers (bosses) –
If your boss isn’t fond of you, if you simply can’t get along with co-workers, or if team leaders aren’t doing what they should do in your place of employment, this is a reason to consider a new career field. Yes, you can grow and learn from difficult co-workers or pushy bosses. But, if it keeps going on for too long it will eventually burn you out, so you need to start looking for something new.

4. Lack of interest in the mission statement of that company –
It is imperative that you are on board and agree with the company’s mission and visions, otherwise you won’t maintain concentration and won’t remain energized to perform well in the position. If you don’t care, or far worse, if you are counter the organization’s mission, this will cause you to be disengaged, and hinder the company’s (and your own) production and growth.

5. Cultural misalignment has reared in –
Are you a fit with the organization’s cultural environment? Do the company’s values resonate with your own? Are you one part of a cog, or part of an integral system? Philosophy, leadership, and culture are all very important. If you don’t agree with, or don’t fit into that cultural system, its time to make the switch to a new career.

For those who are contemplating a new job, if you fall into any of these categories, then it might truly be time for you to change positions and employers. Its no longer status-quo to remain with one employer for 20 or 30 years. If you aren’t getting where you want to go, make sure to evaluate your personality, skill sets, and your personal visions and aspirations. All of this will equip you with what you need to make the transition into a new, greater career field, and move towards the future you wish to attain in the working world.