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Proactively Seeking Student Discounts

If you watch a lot of American reality television, now’s probably the right time to cut back on that, but watching shows like Extreme Couponing should give you a good idea of just what’s possible by way of making full use of discounts in your own life. As the name of the show suggests though, they do indeed take things to the extreme, something which you can only explore to a certain extent since there’s the other small matter of your studies to focus on.


While there are already a lot of student discounts available for any student who just takes the time to look around and perhaps stop for a short chat with a promoter, if you go out and proactively seek student discounts and special promos reserved exclusively for students, you can save loads of money. Fundamentally it costs quite a bit of money to go through an academic course, but if you actively seek out student discounts you can reduce the associated costs of studying so dramatically that you’ll have the money to explore some of those things you might otherwise never get a proper chance to explore.

As you might have guessed, it goes way beyond just taking advantage of those student discounts which are available to everyone that has a student card. You have to be proactive about it and perhaps look just a step further than what is being presented to you. I mean if you can travel for a reduced price, surely if you look a little deeper into such offers you can perhaps commute even cheaper if you buy extended passes, like a weekly bus pass instead of buying a single-trip ticket every single day.

Just like some of those Extreme Couponing housewives however, if you really put some effort into pursuing student discounts you’ll never have to pay the full price for anything ever again…well for as long as you’re still studying at least. You can definitely start by Googling “student discounts” to get the ball rolling, but you’ll have to narrow your search down to the specific town in which your university is located for the basic discounts.

Beyond that however, you can search for student discounts available nationwide and take advantage of those special offers which come with door-deliveries. This applies more to physical goods rather than those services you’d be seeking to use everyday though. I mean just because there’s a clothing retailer in your university town offering reduced prices for their clothes, that doesn’t necessarily mean they stock garments in your style and so you don’t have to exclusively localise your use of student discounts.

Even if you’re in another university town apart from your own, you should always ask for the student discount, even if it may not be openly advertised or indeed if it may not even exist at the specific outlet you’re looking to shop. Authoritative figures like restaurant managers are often at liberty to use their own discretion to make provision for requests such as reduced prices for students, so never hesitate to go for it. The worst that could happen is finding out that you have to pay the full price and that isn’t a lot to lose by any stretch of the imagination.