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What are parents willing to do to help their children succeed?

As exam pressure mounts, an online voucher code website asked parents what they were willing to do to help their children succeed and pass their exams. They found that whilst 90% of parents would help their children study themselves, 55% of parents would or have employed a private tutor to help their children out.


Hiring a private tutor to help with exam revision could cost hundreds of pounds, why would parents shell out this kind of money? My Voucher Codes investigated, they found to most popular reasons to be:

  • To help improve grades after receiving their mock exams results.
  • To help with specific topics their child struggled with.
  • To ensure their child did revise.
  • To boost studies outside of school.
  • To fill in the gaps in knowledge that they worry teachers are missing.

The full survey results were published by Job Reviews, it shows a lot of parents feel like their children need an extra boost on top of what their school and teachers can provide. They investigated further showing that a lot of pressure comes from the schools themselves for children to succeed, wanting to achieve good league table and school inspection results.

However 55% admitted to putting some pressure on their children to do well in their exams, they did find though that parents were carful not to push their children too hard though as they felt their children already had enough to handle. Interestingly though when it comes to rewarding studying and success parents had different views.

They were split when it came to whether children should be rewarded just to sit their exams, but the majority would reward their children on passing their exams. What would you do? Would you give a reward for just studying and taking the exams or would you just reward on passing?