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Money Saving Tips for College Students

If you’re finding it difficult to make ends meet whilst at college, then you are not alone. Many students are struggling financially, thanks to increasing college tuition fees and rising costs of student living. But, there’s no need to live off cheap ramen in order to save money whilst you are in school. There are plenty of different ways for you to spend less and have more money in your pocket. We’ve listed some of the best money saving tips for students here.


Study Online

Tuition fees may be one of the hardest costs to avoid as a student, but there’s no need to pay the maximum amount. Thanks to online study, you could get your degree program at around a third cheaper, allowing you to save money on tuition and reduce any student debt. Along with the cheaper prices, studying online can have a range of additional benefits, including added flexibility, more choice of programs and colleges, and qualifications that are recognized worldwide. Additionally, studying online means that you can also save money on associated student costs such as commuting to class or moving to a different location.

Don’t Buy Textbooks

Whilst studying for a degree such as a masters in public relations will undoubtedly require a lot of reading on your part, one of the biggest mistakes that many students make is going out and buying all of their textbooks immediately. Although it’s good to be prepared and have the maximum amount of resources available to you, there’s also no need to spend unnecessary money on textbooks which are often available for free from your college library. Along with this, you might want to consider using downloadable e-books and digital versions of your textbooks instead, as this format can also be much cheaper and far more convenient for you.

Look for Student Deals

When it comes to student housing, you can often save big money by looking for the best deals available to you. Companies often have student plans in place, making things like wifi and insurance cheaper. An example of this is Roost Insurance, which allows you to place all of your flatmates under one policy, making insuring your belongings a lot cheaper than getting insurance individually. Often, the more flatmates you have, the cheaper the deal becomes.

Look for Student Discounts

If you can provide ID that shows retailers that you’re a student enrolled on an online masters in PR, for example, you may be eligible to get money off in a number of different stores and outlets thanks to your student status. Student discounts are offered in a large number of shops and it’s always worth asking whether or not there is one offered when shopping, even if there aren’t any obvious signs to let you know. Student discounts can definitely come in handy when buying the more expensive goods that you’ll need for your degree, for example your laptop. However, if you cannot avail for a student discount on certain websites, you could look on the internet for websites like Price that offer discount coupons for various commodities – from fitness clothing, electronics, and accesories among many others.

Walk More

Simply walking more can do wonders for your bank account, and for your health, whilst you are at college. If you drive, you’ll already be aware of how costly a car can be to run, and driving for short distances does nothing but waste fuel and create more carbon emissions. Instead, walking more, or perhaps even investing in a bicycle, will not only help to reduce your expenditure at college, but improve your health as well.

College can often be a tight time financially, so it’s important that students are money-savvy and know how to make their dollars last!