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Is Normatec good for those with varicose veins?

Varicose veins develop when the small valves inside the veins stop working properly, not allowing the blood to flow properly back to the heart. The legs can often become achy and uncomfortable, particularly during the night. It is important that anyone suffering with varicose veins gets the appropriate treatment or speaks to an expert before looking at any products such as Normatec which will massage and therefore exert pressure on the legs. With any condition, it can come in a number of forms from mild to severe. Whilst there is no specific treatment outside of surgery for this, there are some ways to help prevent them from developing further such as exercising regularly.

Normatec boots focus on improving recovery in the legs after exercise, by massaging them to increase the blood flow and therefore speed up the recovery process. Mainly targeted at athletes, but suitable for anyone who is involved in regular exercise, Normatec has been proved to be effective in speeding up the recovery process and getting your muscles back to feeling fresher faster. And for those at the top of their respective sports, I’m sure you will agree it is important to get every advantage you can! This blog will look into whether Normatec is good for those who have varicose veins, keep on reading to find out more!

Be honest with yourself

Whilst Normatec has been designed to be comfortable on the legs during rest to help you recover, it does involve pressure being exerted on the legs through massage. Therefore if you are at the more painful end of the varicose veins spectrum, for example they are quite sensitive and hurt to touch, then Normatec may not be best advised. Whilst trying to improve your recovery may be important especially if you are an athlete, there may be less strenuous products out there especially from Normatec that will cause less pain, such as Normatec chair.

Normatec boots have been proven to be effective in speeding up the recovery process following scientific evidence. By massaging the legs, especially post workout but also as a warm up pre workout, it helps increase the blood flow in the legs increasing the amount of oxygen increasing the speed at which the muscles can recover/warm up. Also with its personalised app, Normatec offers the choice for the individual to tailor the  amount of time and setting they choose for their own recovery. With the amount of different workouts out there, it is important consumers have flexibility to choose what is right for them. Especially for something as important as your recovery as you look to speed the process up, Normatec offers a product that can help athletes in this area but you do not want to overdo it and try and force the recovery to happen too quickly. For example wearing Normatec boots excessively or choosing the wrong setting if you have only done a low intensity workout. For those with varicose veins it would be advised to know your limits and not wear the boots for extended periods of time as it may do more harm than good. However, if they are not too severe and do not cause too much pain then Normatec boots are good for you to speed up your recovery.