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How to start saving for a home fresh out of university

If you’re soon to be nearing the end of your course and the threat of existential dread is creeping up on you then setting yourself a few goals for the next few years may just allow you to refocus and banish those graduation blues.

For one, the time has come when you will need to start thinking about your housing options. Do you want to move into an apartment downtown? Perhaps you want to look at some suburban housing options like the ones at Or maybe you prefer getting yourself a loft to personalise and convert into your own. This is a glimpse into the questions that might have already crossed your mind.

While the planning and implementation processes involved in successfully becoming a new homeowner are comprehensive, you need to take care of a major transition in your life first – the one from a student to a working professional. Another challenge you may face when finishing university is the prospect of moving back home with mum and dad. Yes, that means no parties till 4am, no takeaways lying around for days on end and no having your mates round at 2am for a netflix marathon and milkshake delivery. But while there are going to be things you will miss about living on your own, there are also many positives that come with moving back with mum and dad.

Moving home

First, you can start to save your money! No more paying to use the extortionately expensive laundry room, instead, you can invest in a leased washer and dryer. You can look for a washer and dryer rental company near your location that can reduce your expenditure on public laundromats. Additionally, you can save money on the books after books that you think you’re entitled to, seeing as you are already nearing 40,000 in debt. And you can also use your spare time to get a job and put away the pennies. No more waking up the next morning wondering how you spent 80 on jager bombs and tequila that bought one get one free. So making a plan for what you want to save your money for is a great idea to give you that rejuvenated feeling of being on a mission and having a goal.

Taking the Next Step

If you’re serious about getting your own space again and embracing the adulting that comes with being a graduate then buying a home could be something to look forward to. You can start your journey by creating a savings pot and this could be on a banking app like Monzo or Starling that take only a few minutes to set up from your phone on you can look at talking to your bank about creating an ISA and discussing what might be best for you. There are plenty of options out there so have a look around and see what best suits your saving options and your spending habits.

Deciding where you want to live

This can be a big factor in just how much you are going to have to save. With central city areas being considerably more expensive than places a little further out, have a think of whether an apartment or a house is going to best suit your plans for the future. Of course getting on the property ladder is great no matter where you live but investing in areas can be very beneficial especially when buying a property early in life. Shared Ownership Ebbsfleet is a great idea if you’re looking at the South East as an upcoming commuter town and a garden city. Or if you want a place with a little more space Shared Ownership Kent is a great option for beautiful views and lots of greenery. Shared Ownership basically allows you to part buy part rent so could be an ideal way to ease yourself onto the property especially if you want to save some money on your deposit and get on the property ladder faster.

So whether you’re itching to get home or you’ve already started saving to ensure you won’t be bunking with mum and dad for long. Setting yourself a goal once you finish uni can benefit you in all kinds of ways.