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How To Spend University Holidays

If you are in Melbourne, all you need to get your mood lifted are a sunny forecast and a bit of sunshine. If your exams are over and you have submitted your assignments, you are ready for Christmas preparations this summer. Have you already planned as to what you are going to do during your university holidays? Some of you might have and some of you might not have got your plan ready. Here are a few suggestions for those who are yet to make up their minds:

#1: Take Up a Temporary Job

Irrespective of whether you are pursuing an undergraduate or postgraduate program, some amount of industrial exposure will contribute to making your employment prospects much brighter. It is, therefore, a wise move to make use of your university holidays to complete either a work placement or an internship.

In summer, many permanent employees take leave, presenting you with an opportunity to take up work placement on a temporary basis. In addition to earning a little bit of money, you will also be able to gain valuable hands-on experience. This will be helpful in getting a head start when you start hunting for a job after graduation.

#2: Equip Yourself with Additional Qualifications

Several opportunities are available for making money when you are pursuing your studies. However, you may have to obtain some extra qualification to do that.

You don’t have to enroll for a degree program for getting the extra qualification. You can take up a certificate program which you will be able to complete in a few weeks. You can get yourself trained to work in the retail, hospitality, tourism, sports, security or any other sector of your choice. When it comes to training in hospitality or similar sectors, many government funded courses in melbourne and elsewhere will likely be available for you to take up so that it does not weigh heavy on your pocket either. Further, such qualifications will come in handy when you hunt for casual or part-time work placements either during your studies or university holidays.

#3: Enroll for Summer/Winter Classes

This may not be applicable to all students. However, if you are serious about completing your studies before the scheduled time, then you can enroll for summer/winter classes. This will help you to complete your program faster and enter full-time employment. A number of universities offer this facility to students who are in need of completing their course ahead of schedule.

#4: Take Up an Adventure

If you are a student who has come from a foreign country, it is true that you may want to go home during your university holidays and spend time with your family members as well as friends. However, it pays to make most of the current situation since you have left your home country to study abroad.

You would have had the time and convenience to explore the city where you are living and studying, but think of visiting nearby destinations. You can plan a tour along with your friends to explore a little more of the international study destination that you have chosen for yourself. You will be surprised to note that the experience that you gain will make your study abroad more lively.