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How to Make Your English Lessons Interesting

If you are an English teacher, you may know how hard it is to keep lessons interesting and stop your students from almost falling asleep. How can we keep our lessons interesting and engaging so that they can get through their exams?

To get the highest grades, students must be able to think ‘outside of the box’ and be able to come up with interesting and creative ideas that impress the examiners.

A teacher that was featured in the Guardian, recently revealed some of the fantastic methods she has used for this.

The teacher, Sian Carter, said that she encourages her students to do activities that make them learn and complete tasks and think in a different and abstract way.

Here are some of the techniques she mentions in the article in the guardian. 

Cut out and explain

Her pupils were greeted the classrooms to find a piece of paper and some scissors in front of them. She then proceeded to ask them to cut out a shape that represents ‘the theme of fear and tension in chapter 10 of The Woman in Black’.

She then asked them to explain to their partner how their shape shows that.

This helps your students explain things in new ways and with different approaches broaden their creative capabilities.

                Quote like Music and Dance

She then asked her pupils to find a quote that represents their points. The quote must be selective and defined and definitely not too long.

After this she began to sing and dance and repeated ‘get picky wid it’ in the style of Will Smith, drilling in the point that they must, in fact, be picky with their quote selection process.

Generate Ideas

To help generate ideas to explain their quotes she asked them to pick an image and put their quote inside it and then analyse every single word in the quote.

They now had their answers, they were good but they weren’t high scoring answers so she suggested something else to help them score and aim higher.

She gave the students whiteboard markers and told them to write better words for ‘show’ all over the windows. They were shocked and excited at this opportunity and sprung up to get their ideas on the window. They came up with some amazing ideas that instantly brought up their grades in an instant.

Make your lessons fun and engaging.

When teaching a creative subject such as English, teaching in an exciting and fun way will help engage your students. English can be fun and if we can provide the correct resources to provide that we will be on to a winner.

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