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How International Students Can Settle into their New Homes

After graduating high school, many choose to attend an international University. This is due to the fact that the change in atmosphere offers something new and exciting. The tricky part, however, is settling into the new home! Thankfully, there are plenty of opportunities to make friends, so long as you venture outside of the home. For one, you can walk around the city, go on a few tours, and meet people that way. This gives you the opportunity to get a feel for the environment as well. Moreover, social media is a powerful platform that many use to even meet people. Once you do make friends, you can continue to foster those relationships by participating in new activities and events together!

Bucket list sightseeing in the city

When you first arrive in a new location, one of the first things you will want to do is explore the area! Every single place has spots that are unique to it. If you are in London, for instance, the Tower of London is one of UK’s top landmarks.  Do your research online; look at reviews of different locations, and book tours. You never know who you will meet, and you will also familiarise yourself with your new home in the meantime. Plus, the next time you don’t know how to spend your weekend, you will now have acquired a list of new favourite locations.

Join meet-up groups on social media

Almost everyone has social media nowadays, and they usually have a profile on more than one platform. Given this wide reach, many meet their friends through these apps. Whether through Facebook groups, Instagram, or another platform, you can more easily settle in a new place if you make friends you can spend time with.

Go to musicals or plays with friends

Once you have already met some people, you should start going out with them on days when you do not have a lot of schoolwork. Going to musicals or plays is always a fun time, and there is usually a theatre in all major cities. If you’re in London, for instance, you should see some of the best plays in London with your new group of friends. You are creating new memories along the way that you are bound to always remember, even when you go back home.

Listen to live music

Who doesn’t love music? Music stirs people’s emotions and is always a recipe for a good time. That is why this is yet another way to become comfortable with your new home and settle into the city.

Moving to a foreign place to start University can be both exciting and scary. It’s exciting due to the fact that you will make new memories, but also scary because it will take a bit of time to make friends and figure out your way around. However, you should not let uneasiness drive you. The chances are that you will also make friends in your classes, and with the amount of new activities you will be able to participate in, you are bound to meet additional people there.