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Here Is Why You Definitely Need A Car For College

Those acceptance letters to college and universities may be starting to come in now. If you have got the school you want, your mind has moved on to other things. You are already starting to pack your room in your head. You need to decide what goes and what stays. Prepare that painful goodbye with the family pet who will not understand why you are leaving. Soon you will be starting a whole new life in a brand new world. You may already be thinking about buying a car before you leave. If you are not there are many reasons why you should be.


Going away to college is all about proving to your family and the world that you are an independent adult. What better way to show this than driving yourself there? Sure, you can get your parents to take you and all your luggage. Drop you off and then leave. But it will feel so much better if you start on the right foot as soon as you step out the front door. If your school is far away, you can even have a road trip. Maybe your close friend is going to the same university. Think of the adventure you can have with your car before you even start college. Although, you might have to put some thought into what car you want to take to college. Since you’re likely to be traveling with a lot of luggage that needs to be moved into your college accommodation, a pickup truck like Chevrolet Silverado might be a good option for you. As an added precaution, you can also invest in a truck bed cover (for more, find out here now) that can be used to keep all the things in the back of the truck safe from unfavorable weather conditions.


College is where you express yourself freely. This is your chance to have a wild ride before you settle into adulthood. Paint it a crazy colour. Blast the music you love freely. Your new car will be your freedom. It can be messy. No one will tell you to clean it. This is your machine. Are you a car fanatic? Then you can customize it. Make the seats more comfortable and tweak the suspension. Get some new exhaust pipes and new wheel rims. Make a confident, clear first impression towards the people in your dorm by choosing what car you drive.


Here the trick. It does not matter what your car is like in college as long as you have one. You can have a run down old Ford Ka, but you will still have a vehicle. As my dorm mate said to me, a car is a car. All it takes for you to impress people is to have a set of wheels, and you are good to go. You will already have an advantage over most of the competition.


Now you have read all the advantages, what is stopping you? Do you not know how to drive yet? Buy some lessons and book a theory test using a website like You can learn over the summer, and the theory is easy. All it takes is a little studying. If you got into a college, you must know how to do that. Worried about cost? Having a car could actually save you money. You can live further away and find cheaper accommodation. Buy a fuel friendly vehicle and you will not need to spend a fortune commuting.

Start researching and look for your new car now. We are sure you will not regret it.


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