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Fun Places to Work When Studying for a Degree

Juggling work and study is hard work at the best of times, so it pays to be good at thinking outside the box. There will be times when you can’t find a quiet place to sit and type out an assignment. Either the kids are making a racket or your boss is bearing down on you with a stack of paperwork so high it looks as if you’ll still be plugging away next year.


In an ideal world, you would be able to study in a classroom like any normal student, but enrolling for an online MBA in healthcare management takes means you probably have to meet the demands of paid work and study time. Consequently, you will have no option but to fit study in when and where you can. If this is proving to be difficult for you, here are some handy tips.

Coffee Break and Study Time

Thanks to an explosion of artisan coffee shops the world over, students working towards a healthcare management degree online now have the option of binge drinking coffee and working on their assignments at the same time. Most coffee shops offer their customers free Wi-Fi. You can take your laptop or tablet, find a quiet table with a handy power outlet, and get stuck into work. As long as you buy a drink or snacks every hour or so, nobody will complain.

Outdoor Study Sessions

When the weather is glorious, take advantage of the sunshine and set up a study area outdoors. The garden is a great place to start because it’s convenient and you can nip in and make endless cups of coffee, but if you don’t have a garden or you want a change of scenery, head over to your local park and find a shady spot. You might be lucky enough to have a public Wi-Fi network within range. If this is not the case, invest in a Mi-Fi dongle or use your cell phone as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.

Long-Haul Study

Travel is a great opportunity to catch up on study time. There is not much to do when you are stuck in a departure lounge, so read a book and do some research. Most airports also have free Wi-Fi, which is useful if you need internet access. Once you are on board your flight, it will be harder to study unless you have a seat in Business Class, or even better, First Class but don’t despair because you can still read text books if you have packed a Kindle.

Study in the Bath

I’m not suggesting you carry a laptop into the bathroom, as this would be seriously dangerous, both for you and your laptop, but a long soak in the bath is a good time to read a technical text book in peace. Just try not to fall asleep and drop your book in the water.

If all else fails, you should head to the office an hour or two earlier than normal, as this will enable you to do some studying in peace and quiet before your colleagues show up.