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Four Rewarding And Healing Career Choices That Are Hands On

If you enjoy helping people and you are looking for a career that can allow you to help people, hands on, there are a lot of great options. Some of them take a lot more skill, and a lot more education, than other. If you want to be a surgeon you are going to spend a lot of years in school.


However, if you want something rewarding that takes a few less schooling years, maybe around four, sometimes less, you may want to consider the following choices. Each of them is still a rewarding and healing career that will have you working hands on with people to help them heal.

Massage Therapist

You can’t get anymore hands on than a career in massage therapy. You’ll spend the majority of your day kneading people’s skin, which can get tiring if you don’t have the stamina and drive for this kind of work.

Aside from the hard work, it is a very rewarding career. You can opt to do different types of massage. You could go into sports massage therapy and work with sports teams, or you could go into a more general type of massage and work in your own storefront or with a chiropractor.


If you want to get even deeper into the anatomy and help people with spinal and joint issues, you could go into chiropractic care. It will take some extra schooling over massage therapy, but you will still learn the basics of anatomy and physiology.

Chiropractic care isn’t always directly hands on. You have the option of using specialized equipment, including chairs that can help you get to the root of a person problem, and pop it back in place.


Nursing is another extremely rewarding career to go into. You are the person the patients see first normally, and you set up the stage for the doctor. Nursing is a very important career, as you are the voice of your patients, and you are the one that is there for them most often.

It’s rewarding, it’s humbling, but it can also be hard work and sometimes unappreciated work as well. Extensive study will be required before being able to fully start your career, but if you decide to take something like these licensed practical nurse online programs, you will learn everything you need to know, in terms of patient care and medically, to be able to excel in this career. That being said, you need to have a tough skin to get through a career in nursing, but it’s worth it in the end when you get to help people.

Physical Therapist

If you want a little less of the hustle and bustle of nursing, but you still want to make a difference in people’s lives, consider becoming a physical therapist. This will allow you to help people that really need it, maybe even doing something as amazing as helping someone walk again.

There are also different types of physical therapy, much like massage. Pick from careers like orthopedic physical therapy, or postoperative therapy. The beauty of this career is that physical therapists are always going to be needed. Someone somewhere will be enquiring about receiving a form of rehabilitation on a daily basis, and whilst they currently go to places like Luna (look over here for more info) to find the perfect therapist for their needs, you could soon be on their list of people to contact should you decide to pick a career in this particular industry. No matter your choice, you’ll be making a difference in someone’s life.