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Extracurricular Activities That Will Boost Your CV

It’s no secret that extra curricular activities can really strengthen your CV. As a student, the job market is more difficult to break than ever before. There are more graduates and less jobs than in decades past. That means it’s important to stand out as a graduate. One of the best ways to do this is through extra curricular activities. If you can show employers that you have followed your passion, they will respond in kind.

As a student, it’s very difficult to build up that necessary experience to land your first job. Extra curricular activities are a great way to start building this experience. Even if it isn’t directly relevant, transferable skills are easily developed. In this post, we’ll unveil some of the secrets behind landing that first job. It all depends on how you spend your free time at college. Let’s face it, you’ll never have this much free time again! Take advantage of it and use the time to build essential skills. Here are some of the best.


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Sports – Sports are a simple and obvious way to get involved in extracurricular activities. First of all, it will keep you fit and healthy through your three or four years of studying. Secondly, it will really build strong personal skills. Things like communication, leadership and teamwork are invaluable skills. These are highly desired by employers in all industries. If you can show your worth in these areas, you’ll set yourself up for a good career.

Volunteer work – There is nothing more powerful than following your heart. Find the projects that you feel strongly about and volunteer your time. There are so many great callings out there. There are environmental groups you could join, for example. Many students are now joining the Lifeline project too. This helps low income families connect access phones and internet. Follow this link for more information on this: Choose something you feel passionately about and you’ll develop strong personal skills.

Entrepreneurial – There is no better time to start your first business than your college years. You have hundreds of great resources all around you to get started. There are expert professors to provide feedback and advice. You have the time to develop your ideas and brainstorm with other students. Some of the biggest businesses in the world were born from student dorm rooms. Think of Facebook as one simple example. If you can start in your freshman year, then even better.

Debate and public speaking – If there’s one thing that employers always look for, it’s public speaking. Communication skills are vital to the modern workplace. No matter what industry you are in, good communicators are always in high demand. The modern workplace requires employees to explain their ideas and communicate effectively. Debate teams are a great way to develop these skills. You’ll become comfortable with public speaking and learn how best to express yourself.

As you can see, extracurricular activities are a really great way to develop personal skills. They will show that you are self starting, passionate and intelligent. They’ll stand you above the competition and make your CV as powerful as it can be. What activities could you get involved with today?