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Effective Meeting-Minutes & Note Taking

While going through college students get exposed to a lot of different aspects of learning which transcend the technical content forming part of the curriculum which covers the requirements for them eventually obtaining their qualification. Some of these learning aspects may appear to have absolutely nothing to do with anything really, but every single skill picked up is designed with a purpose in mind — a purpose which sometimes only becomes apparent once you’ve graduated and either entered the job market or even if you’ve gone the entrepreneurial root to start your own thing. Note-taking and also taking the minutes of a meeting is one such learning aspect which is taken for granted as something which should rather be elective as opposed to mandatory (in one way or the other), but meeting-minute and note taking is a set of very important skills which could even make or break your academic success before you even graduate. Master the skill of effective note and meeting-minute taking by simply making reference to the following infographic, compiled by Citrix GoToMeeting:

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