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I Droped my Phone, Now What?

Dropping your smartphone is a real drag. Made of glass and metal, it is as if they are built to break on the slightest impact. Also, as phones become lighter, it is easy to knock them off desks or to dislodge them with connected cables. If you’ve just broken your phone, here are a few things you should do, along with ways to minimize damage later.


Don’t Feel Guilty

First and foremost, understand that even the most attentive smartphone owner breaks their phone from time to time. It is easy to become despondent after dropping a $600 gadget, but the thinner and lighter they are, the easier it is to forget that we’re carrying them.

Unless your phone is old, or unless the damage is severe, it is generally less expensive to replace a broken screen than it is to buy an entirely new model. By looking into the right mobile iphone repair service, as one example, you can save on the price of a brand new device. You’ll be in a better place to make good decisions if you can focus on the practical aspects of fixing your phone, rather than on guilt for having broken it in the first place.

Dry It Out

If your drop involved water, you need to dry out your phone before going further. Turning it on before it is dry might worsen the damage by short-circuiting internal components.

After drying the exterior with a soft towel, and shaking it to remove excess water, leave the phone covered in a bowl of uncooked rice for a day. The uncooked rice will draw out excess moisture, and you may then be able to turn the phone on again.

Prevention is Best

But the best way to minimize the stress and trouble of a broken phone is to prevent it from breaking in the first place, and to lessen the trouble once it has broken. Fortunately, adopting these solutions can transform a dropped phone into a minor inconvenience.

Consider a case, or at the very least a screen cover. iPhone 7 pro screen protectors, for instance, are great at keeping the glass screen from shattering. If you don’t mind adding extra bulk and weight to your phone, which may also make it less likely to get dropped in the first place, a full-body case offers additional protection to the phone’s exterior surface and components.

Also, investigate insurance. While it is an additional monthly expense, your carrier can often replace an insured phone more quickly than it takes to find someone to repair any damage. Damaged phones can also appear to work while being broken in subtle ways, so once a phone has been dropped, it is often better to replace it if you have the option of doing so.