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Documenting student life through blogging

Your time at university can be some of the best years of your life, as you gain a sense of independence whilst learning and making new friendships. Most university courses run over a 3 year period and although it sounds like a long time, it will pass in the blink of an eye. Between studying and enjoying the famous uni social life, in some ways you can overlook how your time at university is actually going and how you’re adapting to a new structure of life.

All students venturing to uni for the first time have mixed emotions and often seek advice from friends or relatives who have studied at university or currently are. If you’re well underway with your degree and understand how it feels to move away from home for the first time, then maybe your experiences can help others. 

Although there are a range of resources for first time students, the best advice comes from people who have experienced uni life for themselves. Whether it’s the course you’re studying, how to deal with moving away from home or the best places to visit outside of the campus; you can share all of your advice and experiences via a blog. In today’s world not only teenagers but adults too, read blogs to try and discover information, advice or facts they’re looking for, meaning you should take advantage of this.

How can a blog help other students?

Whether it’s in-depth advice on writing assignments with the help of an AI Writer or the best nightlife spots in the local area, you’d be surprised how many students starting at your university want to hear your experiences. As well as helping others, documenting your uni life on a blog means that in years to come you can look back and reminisce on your years of studying and some of the funny memories you and your friends made, as well as the many ups and downs you experienced.

Although the thought of it may sound like a bit of a minefield, creating a blog isn’t a difficult task and to help you along the way, the team at Click Consult have created A Simple Guide to Blogging, which shares some of the best platforms and plugins to use, as well as how to utilise your blog’s social media channels.

How can a blog benefit you?

Apart from acting as a digital journal for your time at university, a blog can benefit you in a number of other ways. The course you’re studying may involve content writing or computing, so when you have your degree and start seeking employment, being able to show potential employers your blog will show them your skills and how you found life at uni.

Whether you already have a blog or thinking of creating one, hopefully the guide we’ve mentioned will be able to get you on your way. Let us know if it was useful to you by sharing your thoughts on social, using #BloggerGuide.