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Why creatives can’t be replaced

As discovered by a study from the University of Oxford, the most likely professions to be taken over by robots in the future include telemarketing and watch repair.

Of the 700 jobs The Future of Employment ranked by likelihood to be taken over by A.I., the roles found to be the least likely include graphic designers, art directors and choreographers.

What makes creative careers harder for robots to replicate?

Precision Printing, providers of specialist books printing services, has interviewed five design professionals to learn about their unique vision and approach to their work – discovering just why it can’t be replicated.

Meet the Masters of Design

The Masters of Design series features five unique designers. They include:

Mike Kus

Illustrator, designer and photographer, working for brands such as Burberry and O2.

Radim Malinic

Head of design company Brand Nu, specialising in design, commercial illustration and branding.

Ryan McElderry

Senior Graphic Designer at Mediaworks, with clients such as House of Fraser, MaxiNutrition and Stagecoach.

A dandypunk

Artist in residence at Walt Disney Imagineering, and creator with the Cirque du Soleil.

Timba Smits

Award-winning designer, illustrator, and creative director of Little White Lies and Huck.