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Cool Gadgets for Online (and Offline) Students

Taking online courses require you to complete a lot of tasks yourself. Unlike offline students, you don’t have to attend classes to complete the course. Instead, you are required to spend a little time every day to master the course materials, get in touch with lecturers and complete assignments. Having the right gadgets can surely make the whole process of taking an online course a lot easier to complete.


We’ve talked about how you can ace your online course in the previous article. In this part, we’re going to take a look at the best gears and gadgets to help you get that online MBA degree you’re pursuing.

A Capable Laptop

Apple is about to release a brand new line of MacBooks really soon, so if you’re thinking about getting a MacBook for the course, it is definitely best to wait for the new devices to be announced. Even when you’re planning to pick up a 2015 MacBook Pro and not the new one, you will still be able to save thanks to the price drop.

The MacBook Pro is a particularly good laptop for online students. The 13-inch version is light and compact enough for everyday use, plus it has the performance to keep up with tasks like streaming live lectures or accessing the online learning platforms.

For a Windows 10 alternative, the new Asus ZenBook UX and HP’s stunning Spectre are great choices to look into. You can even get special student discounts on these laptops, making them more affordable.

A 4G Phone to Match

Top universities like the Northeastern University and their online programs use online learning platforms to allow students to communicate with lecturers, keep up with course materials and complete other tasks. While you can always rely on free Wi-Fi or the internet connection at the office to access these platforms, having a good 4G phone for tethering will make everything easier.

Most Android phones support 4G hotspots out of the box as long as you have the data plan to match. You can use the phone as a wireless hotspot or as a USB modem connected to your laptop. There are a few interesting choices, too. The new Google Pixel should be one of the options you consider, along with the slightly older OnePlus 3 and the stunning Samsung Galaxy S7.

Of course, you can go the Apple route and pick up an iPhone. While Personal Hotspot on iOS is not as simple as Android’s take on the feature, you can still use your phone to connect to the online learning platform. Both the iPhone 7 and the iPhone SE are our top picks.

Some Storage for Books and Materials

Last, but certainly not least, you need some extra storage space for books and course materials; a lot of storage space. Fortunately, there are a lot of options when it comes to hard drives and SSDs. The new line of Western Digital Passport drives as well as Samsung’s T3 SSD drives are worth looking into. The latter is among the fastest – and safest – drives on the market today and is certainly worth the price.

Pick up these gadgets and you’ll be ready to tackle any challenge the online course throws at you. Completing the AACSB online MBA – or any other program you take – will be a walk in the park now that you have the gadgets to back you up.