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Can Bitcoin Help You Avoid Student Debt?

Student debt is very much a looming problem, both for the country and for individual students and graduates. It is also one of the things putting many people off of furthering their education with a post graduate course like an MBA or a master of public health. Even though master’s degrees can definitely open up opportunities to further your career and earn more, the prospect of greater student debt than you already have from your original bachelor degree can make it seem like a big gamble.


However, there are a few ways you can get your masters or even a bachelor degree without incurring as much, or any, student debt.

Online Degrees

Online degrees are a big way of saving money on further education. They can allow you to do all kinds of courses, such as an online MPH degree, a statistics degree, a business degree or an IT degree, from the comfort of your own home, avoiding the expenses associated with relocating to a college and living there on campus for the duration of your course, as well as costing less in tuition. Online degrees also often give you the time to work alongside studying, because you can work at whatever speed you like and attend lectures virtually whenever you want by streaming them over the internet.

Pay with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is now being accepted to pay tuition fees at some universities. This means that if you are already someone who is involved in the bitcoin economy, you can use your bitcoin savings or earnings to pay for a course and avoid having to take out loans. This is a revolutionary move that several unis have now adopted, and is likely to become an option in more and more places over time, as bitcoin continues to become more widely understood and used. In terms of understanding bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, some universities actually offer courses on this very subject, and Princeton have even made their own course on bitcoin available online for free, in a bid to help more people learn about and get on board with the idea. If you can’t wait for that and want to get started with trading straight away, then you might want to take a look at user reviews and experiences of Bitcoin Trader that can be found in this online article, “Bitcoin Trader im Test“.

Financial Responsibility

Of course, whether you do your course online or in person, and whether you pay with bitcoin or not, you can keep the amount of debt you accrue down by being as financially responsible as possible, for instance saving up for a while before you start doing a masters so that you don’t have to rely on loans for the full cost of your tuition, and not using student loans to pay for unnecessary things you want like a top end laptop for college. By working on your bitcoin savings, though, you can also have a good resource you can draw on to pay for lots of things, including further courses.

While not widely accepted yet, there are some colleges where your bitcoin assets can buy you a good education, and this may be a great way to avoid getting into problematic student debt while still gaining the qualification you want.