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Business cards aid the entrepreneurial spirit

When you’re a new-comer to the big bad world of business, the prospect of getting yourself and your brand new company out there can seem daunting. You will want to stand out from the crowd and make sure your message is heard above your potential competitors. But which method of communication will work best for your business?

One of the biggest challenges can be to determine which marketing strategy is best for your business, and which should be left as white noise.

Business cards are a marketing tool that has remained strong and ever-present. With search volumes for ‘business cards‘ remaining high, at over 90,000 searches per month, it seems they are a bit of an unsung hero.

Why do business cards work?
At a humble 85-90mm x 55m, how can something so small pack all the crucial information in? Here are some points to consider?

They give the first impression of your brand
First impressions always matter. Meeting someone for the first time and exchanging business cards is the first time you can show your brand; appearance and quality of information is extremely important to give the best first impression.

They are, literally, pocket-sized
You can always have a stash with you in case you bump into any potential business contacts or clients – who can then conveniently pop it in their pocket, wallet or purse. Potential clients are then reminded of your business every time they open their purse or wallet – you remain in their mind.

They keep things personal
Face-to-face networking keeps things personal, and again allows you to portray great first impressions. The exchanging of business cards is a personal touch, which can lead to real business connections.

They maintain traditional business etiquette
Although younger generations might be less familiar with traditional strategies, as digital technologies become ever-present, business cards are still a very well-established form of networking to acquire new business opportunities.

Extra-special business cards get shared
Taking time to get your business cards designs right will pay off. Clever or special business cards can be shared online too, simply for some appreciation. Check out this example at Bored Panda and this at Paste Magazine.

Designing a memorable business card
You want to design a business card that contacts will not only keep, but will remember for all the right reasons. We’ve created a list of tips on how to get this essential marketing material right:

  1. Less is more – keep it simple. You don’t want people to feel overloaded with information, don’t complicate it. This distracts the reader. Keep to the key information only.
  2. Make use of the space. Strip back as many words and as much decoration as possible to really make an impact.
  3. Consider your audience. As with any marketing tool, you must consider who will be on the receiving end of it. If you have a young, party supplies business, your business cards would have a different audience to those working in B2B engineering, for example.
  4. Ensure you include all key information – we recommend company name, web address, your name, email address and phone number.
  5. Invest in a good-quality card – we recommend the best thickness you can afford. The thicker the business card, the more hard wearing they tend to be. You want your business cards to last, not fall apart and crumple. If you can push for a thicker gsm or finished, it’s worth a try.
  6. Want even more of a luxury feel? You can upgrade your business card even further with luxe business card options – triple-layered to 920gsm. Go even further with the use of Scodix, which helps to create tactile, memorable business cards with specialised embossing and varnishing finishes.

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