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Big storage for small spaces

Space is not always a luxury we enjoy especially when living in small apartments. The high costs of rent and mortgages mean you need to come up with creative and practical solutions for your storage needs. This means you get to make huge savings by making use of a cheaper small space, and it will also be easy to maintain. Finding creative solutions for small spaces will also mean you are better organized, thus reducing the stress that comes with disorganised spaces. Here are some big storage hacks for small spaces.

Eliminate Clutter

One of the culprits that take unnecessary space in your home is clutter. You should determine what is essential and what is not. You should take stock of all the things in your space and identify pieces that you do not need and dispose or donate them. Having less stuff or even embracing minimalism means you will be making good use of the available small space.

Have a place for storing everything

A major hack for big storage for small spaces means having a place for everything. If something does not have its own space, then it will be on the space of something else, thus causing clutter. You can eliminate this scenario by taking advantage of unconventional storage spots such as above your kitchen cabinets, spaces underneath your shelves, on doors, or above your furniture. You can take advantage of place hooks, or install floating shelves to maximize storage space. The idea is being organized so that you make it easy to find something when you need it. If you have a lot of shoes, functional shoe storage is a must.

Make use of multifunctional furniture

When living in a small space, you can invest in furniture that can serve various functions. For example, you can easily modify your bookshelf into a practical space where you can work or store other things. For smart storage, you can use an adhesive like the ones available at to hang some items on the remaining area of the bookshelf, making a little more use of the same space.

Take advantage of cabinets

Cabinets are great for increasing space where you can store your items. You should evaluate your space to identify safe areas that will not pose a danger or be an obstruction.

Have some extra space

Even while you are trying to make use of every available space, it is advisable to have some extra space for things that may not have somewhere to go. The extra space means you have somewhere to quickly store something that drifts out of place with no good place to be stored.

Consider paying for storage

While you are trying to make as much use of the space you have, there are some things you may not need at the moment, but may need them later in the future. You can opt to pay for storage until such a time you have space for that item. There plenty of cheap self-storage units you can find online on websites such as and others like it. You can even use it to store your extra things until you are able to make space for them.

Identify clutter before it becomes a nuisance

Clutter accumulates slowly without you noticing it much. If you allow this to happen, then it becomes a nuisance and hard to control. When you are proactive, you are able to constantly evaluate what you need and what you can get rid of.