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6 Ways to Make Money before Going Away On a Big Trip

Naturally, by the time you’ve already confirmed your departure for you impending big trip, you’ve sorted out all the finances surrounding the trip itself. A big trip can burn a serious hole in your savings however, leaving you with very little reserves to pick up on once you get back.


There are indeed some great ways to make money before you go away on your trip, which we’ve compiled taking into account the lazy mood you’ll naturally be in prior to your departure. You’d then probably not want to engage in anything too taxing on the mind and too demanding on your body.

Writing Reviews

There is a plethora of review sites around which offer two different payment structures, one of which is upfront payment per published review while the other is recurring payment depending on how many hits and interactions your published reviews get. If you’re about to embark on a big trip you have a lot of valuable insight to share through reviews, from reviewing the booking company and the associated process, to the very mobile phone you’ll be taking along with you.

Buying and Booking through Rebate & Discount Platforms

If you’ve not yet finalised everything for your trip, some programmes and websites like Groupon offer some great money-back deals and savings, which is perhaps one of the easiest ways to make some pre-trip money doing virtually nothing but hunting discounts. So, while picking a Resort in Vail CO or anywhere else for your stay, try to explore the prices online first and then book the most budget-friendly deal you can get for that reservation.

Completing Surveys

Between climate change and a relatively global attempt to collectively reduce the environmental impact of travelling, the market research industry is particularly focused on the travelling habits of people just like you, who are just about to depart on a big trip. Your opinion is going to matter for the next few years to come, at the very least, so you can make a nice quick buck by participating in travel-related market research surveys. A few multiple choice questions are in no way taxing on your pre-trip, holiday-mode mental resources.

YouTube & Other Video Channels

This is more of an in-trip money making channel as it simply requires you to just document some essential parts of your trip and upload your short (or long) videos to your YouTube channel. You can make some good recurring money through adverts that will appear on and around your videos and you can bet your plane ticket your travel-related content will at least draw a few interested eyes and their paying clicks.

Online Gambling

True to a pre-trip mind that doesn’t want to be stretched too far, you can also earn money in online casino platforms. Yes, casinos (including and especially online ones) aren’t all about spending and losing money. Casino regulations require a portion of the profits to be redistributed to gamers as winnings, so it’s simply a matter of mastering your strategy when playing those online casino games which require skill instead of just pure luck.

Telecommute or Freelancing Gigs

If your focus happens to be sharp despite the fact that you’re about to go full travel-mode, your laptop could very well be your all-inclusive mobile office. If you have any skills which can be used to produce and deliver something of value digitally, sites like, and a whole host of others can be used to source some freelance gigs in writing, programming, graphic design, consulting, remote admin (virtual assistant), and lots, lots more.