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6 Recreational Drugs to Avoid at College

College life is pretty cool. You get to live on your own without the blanket umbrella of parents telling you what to do and watching your every move. It’s a time where you can experiment and find yourself, but while you’re at school, it’s important to be careful with your free time.


Getting into recreational drugs while at college could ruin your college career, and potentially damage the outlook for the rest of your life. You want to be looking for a job after you finish school, not checking into a drug rehab center in a remote location. To save yourself now and in the future, here’s a list of recreational drugs you should avoid.

  1. Alcohol

Most college students are too young to drink alcohol, but that doesn’t stop them from going to the occasional keg party. There’s a reason the legal drinking age is 21 years old. When you drink alcohol before that time, your brain is not fully developed. Alcohol can affect your ability to perform simple functions as well as think clearly while in school.

  1. Psilocybin Mushrooms

The use of mushrooms has been described as putting you in a state of “temporary insanity.” They won’t kill you, but they will make you do things you wouldn’t normally do, like trashing the dean’s office or peeing in public. Such behavior can get you kicked out of school, and if you aren’t careful, this drug can be extremely addictive. Of course, these points are just a scare-tactic to discourage people from trying psilocybin. Many successful people have actually tripped on mushrooms, such as Bill Gates and more. If you are thinking you’ll experiment with psilocybin mushrooms sometime in college, then it might be worthwhile to research into how long does shrooms stay in your system so you know when it would be “safe” to be seen in public spaces.

  1. Prescription Medications

Becoming addicted to prescription medications is one of the most dangerous forms of addiction. Not only can taking non-prescribed meds put you at risk for death, but it’s also a felony. Whether you’re put in jail or severely injured by your addiction, this is a terrible way to end your college career.

  1. Cocaine

This is a big party drug that’s both illegal and dangerous. It’s highly addictive and it can severely increase your heart and blood pressure risks, putting you at high risk for fatal overdoses. Most people can’t use cocaine without getting addicted, which will doom you to a stint-or several-in a rehab center.

  1. Heroin

Another party drug, Heroin has been classified as one of the most dangerous and addictive substances on the planet. It is one of the drugs that many people have to go to rehab centres for drug addictions in B.C. or near their location, to help them get off it. It’s expensive, potentially causing you to dip into your college fund, and addiction is almost inevitable for those taking it.< It can have a disastrous effect on one's life. /span>

  1. Ecstasy

This is a more popular club or “rave” drug that stimulates hallucinations. It can also lead to risky sexual behavior. The last thing you need is an STD to end your college career and your life.