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6 Reasons Liverpool is the Best Student City in the UK

Everyone loves where they study, right? And the accolade of best student city in the UK is hotly contested and debated in bars and unions all over the country. But today we’re putting Liverpool’s case forward with a bit of help from Vita Student. Here are 6 reasons Liverpool is the best city for students in the UK.

  1. The Beatles

It doesn’t matter how long ago their string of hits was released, the Beatles’ music stands the test of time. Hailing from Liverpool, the Beatles’ heritage is still very much visible across the city. The Beatles Story and the Cavern Club are two must visit sites for Beatles fanatics.

But the impact of the Beatles reaches far beyond the tourist attractions paying homage to them. The group left a lasting musical legacy on the city and the live music scene is still buzzing today. At any night of the week you’ll be able to find a live band playing somewhere in the city.

2. Premier League Football

Both Everton and Liverpool call the city home, so whether you end up wearing red or blue, you can enjoy Premier League football just a stone’s throw from your student accommodation. Two clubs with a fierce rivalry, you can be certain of an atmosphere you’ll never forget on derby day too.

3. Cost of Living

Liverpool is amongst the UK’s most affordable student cities. The Guardian reports that the general ‘survival’ costs for students are relatively low and accommodation is affordable.

When you’re studying, keeping your costs in check is hugely important and this is a city that boasts superb value.

4. Perfect for Culture Vultures

You’ll find museums, art galleries and theatres aplenty across the city, so whether you’re looking to take in a bit of culture in your relaxation time or entertain visiting friends and family, you’ll have plenty of choices. Some of our favourites include the International Slavery Museum, The Beatles Story, the Tate and the Merseyside Maritime Museum.

5. Down to Earth People

Yes, at University you’ll meet people from all over the world. But perhaps what makes Liverpool extra special is the people of the city itself. Liverpudlians are notoriously down to Earth, warm people.

6. The Nightlife

No student experience is complete without nights out you’ll remember forever and the options for nightlife in Liverpool are boundless. From indie clubs to dance clubs, comedy clubs to theatres and the incredibly well priced student bars, you will never be short of options for a cracking night out.

See for yourself

Didn’t get to study in Liverpool? Not to worry. You can always spend a day or two and sample the sights for yourself. You can find out more about visiting Liverpool at