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5 Signs its time to change jobs

Pretty sure that at one point in your professional career you have felt frustrated with your current job or have suffered burn out due to the high demands it places on you. Perhaps you just feel under challenged and bored at your current job. All these reasons are strong pointers that you need to start thinking about finding a new job.

The only thing you might need to be conscious of is to be mentally prepared to relocate to a new place/city or state if required. Though you may need to hire movers to move your belongings or a vehicle transport company to transport your vehicle (such as car transport brisbane to perth), it will most likely be worthwhile. This is due to the fact that not every dream job of yours can be found right down the street. You’d have to leave someday. But moving out has many advantages as well. You’d have a brand new place and people to discover. You might be able to try different cuisines. You won’t have to go to the same office and deal with the same toxic people. So, it may become a little hectic for a while, but if it is necessary for your mental peace, do it!

Also, the good news is that there are plenty of job vacancies out there. Here are 5 signs that it’s time to look for a new job.


  1. You always have the Monday blues

While not too many people look forward to Monday mornings, you know you need to change your job if it’s always extremely hard for you to go to bed Sunday night just because you fret the idea that you have to go to work the next morning. If you can totally relate to this debilitating fear then perhaps you need to start sending out applications for temporary or permanent jobs around your current location.

  1. You feel under utilized

If you have been working at your current job for many years now and everything almost seems like its second nature to you it probably means that there is nothing to challenge you anymore. Not using your full potential definitely leads to boredom and subsequently a lack of interest in what you do. If you’re in one such situation you should first and foremost speak to your seniors about getting added responsibilities. If that is not possible, then fiding a new job is definitely the better option.

  1. You have way too many “sickies” in your file

If your name is easily and quickly associated with excuses of being sick that’s a sure sign that you actually don’t like being at your work place. Granted, you may be genuinely ill, which is understandable, and many states in the United States have a set number of sick days per year. Though, with the exception of federal contractors, there is no federal law in the United States supporting paid sick leave laws for the private sector. However, employees in the public sector – both state and federal – are entitled to paid sick leave as a condition of employment. Whatever the case may be, everyone is entitled to sick leave if they are ill (no matter paid or unpaid). So, if you are truly ill, your employer cannot deny you sick leave. Perhaps you really have to be somewhere and that’s the only viable reason you can give at the office. Truth be told….everyone has used the ‘am sick” to nurse a really nasty hangover. Not that this is the right thing to do but people do it. If however you are constantly pulling out this excuse and are at home sick more times than you are actually at work then times to look for a new job are nigh.

  1. You can’t stand your boss

Yes, bad bosses actually do exist. Perhaps yours is the one who won’t stop overburdening you with work or always offers promotions to fellow employees and always overlooks you. Perhaps he or she is just a bully and thrives on making your life at work miserable. Working with a bad boss is just as bad as being in an unhealthy relationship if not worse. Then there’s that issue that you can’t simply make a complaint about them seeing as they are your superior and can snatch that job from under you just because you made that complaint in the first place. If you are constantly stressed by your current boss you can set yourself free by searching for a new job.

  1. You are convinced that it’s time to seek out greener pastures

The motivation to get a new job does not have to be driven by something negative. As they say change is inevitable. Change will happen whether you want it to or not. If you simply feel like you want something new you should listen to your instincts. Chances are they are right. Plus it’s always better to leave a job on a high with no negative feelings between you and your boss.

There’s not time like today to look for a new job. Start off by updating your resume and sending it to different companies to somewhat test the job market.