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4 traits you need to make it in sales

Working in sales roles can bring big rewards, both financially and in terms of career satisfaction. However, if you’re to thrive in this field, it helps to have certain personality traits, and skills – for instance, an obvious one is building a knowledge base for your customers or clients. Here, we take a look at four qualities that can serve you well as a sales specialist.


  1. Ambition

Ambition is a crucial part of the mix. The most successful sales experts tend to have firm goals that they want to work towards. This could be something as simple as meeting their weekly or monthly targets or as grand as someday owning their own marketing companies. The key is to have a target to aim for. This helps people to stay focussed and positive. If you’re looking for inspiration to help you keep your sense of purpose, there are plenty of success stories out there for you to model yourself on. For example, entrepreneur Chris Niarchos, chairman of the Cobra Group of Companies, started his first direct sales company in Sydney at the age of 22 and now runs a highly successful business with operations around the world. You can find out more about the businessman and how he got to where he is by visiting websites such as

  1. Good people skills

Good people skills are also a must. You’ve got to be able to put potential customers at ease, convey information to them in an engaging way and generally make your interactions with them as enjoyable and positive as possible. Don’t be put off if you think your communication skills aren’t up to scratch though. It’s surprising how quickly people can hone these abilities and even if you feel a little shy to begin with, your confidence should grow as you gain experience.

  1. A willingness to learn

To stand a chance of making sales, you will need to know your stuff. Any uncertainty or inaccuracies when you’re dealing with prospective customers can spell disaster. When they’re buying products or services, people want to know they’ve got accurate and detailed information. This means that you must be prepared to get to grips with all the relevant facts concerning the brands, goods and services you represent. As well as picking up knowledge like this, it helps if you’re eager to learn about the sales process itself.

  1. Passion

Last but not least on this list, a passion for sales and for the companies you represent can help you to get ahead. If you feel strongly about being the best you can be, providing customers with positive experiences and extolling the benefits of the brands you represent, you shouldn’t struggle to excel in your roles. Genuine enthusiasm is immediately apparent to consumers and it can help ensure you come across in the best possible light.

Of course, there are many other traits that can benefit you in sales, but these four are among the most important.