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4 Career Choices for People Who Are Shy

When it comes to choosing a career, it’s important to choose one which is best suited for your personality type. If you choose a career which isn’t appropriate for your personality type, then you run the risk of not enjoying what you do. Some employers now actually carry out personality assessments on their employees using a company like Tilt 365. So, if they’re looking for a good listener full of empathy, you might be in luck!

There are some people who are naturally extroverted and enjoy being around people all day long. They have no problem taking initiative or striking a conversation with total strangers.

Alternatively, there are also people who are extremely shy and prefer to work alone without the company of others. If you are one of those people who consider yourself to be more introverted and shy, then here are some of the best career choices that you may want to consider.


Working with numbers and spreadsheets is something that many people have a passion for. It requires a certain level of intelligence and patience which not everyone is able to do. Working in the career of accounting may require you to spend hours alone crunching numbers and comparing columns. While there is a certain amount of interaction that you have to do as an accountant, it is often minimal and there is little need for customer service experience.

As an accounting professional, your ultimate responsibility is to be a master of your craft and handle the task of keeping an eye on all funds coming in and going out.


Working in a career in psychology may be an excellent choice for someone who is on the shy side. This industry provides a great opportunity to empathize with other people who may be the same way and offer insight as to how to overcome hurdles when interacting with others.

Although some people are perfectly comfortable being introverted, there are many people who would like to change their ways and attempt to be more outgoing in their daily lives.

As a therapist not only can you help others attempt to become more outgoing, but you may learn a great deal yourself and be able to transform your own ways through helping others.


A career as a writer can often involve a lot of time in solitude thinking and creating original pieces. It is a great career choice for those who thrive by being able to work quietly and in a mode of creative reflection.

While there is some requirement to be able to interact with your clients or readers, in many cases you aren’t required to have face-to-face contact with anyone at all.


If you are one of those people who is looking to transform your habits and attempt to be a more outgoing person, a bartender may be the perfect choice for you.

As a bartender, you come into contact with a wide variety of people throughout the day and will certainly be required to step outside of your comfort zone.