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3 Ways To Use Your Social Media Experience On Your Resume

For many young people looking to get a job right out of school, it can be hard to acquire the necessary experience to make your resume look impressive. However, with a little creative thinking regarding your overall life experience, you may find that you’re actually a lot more qualified for certain positions than you may realize. For example, many students now graduating have plenty of experience working on social media. So to help use this to your advantage, here are three ways you can use your social media experience on your resume.

Tout Your Own Success

Because so many businesses are looking for people who can help make their own social media presence flourish, being able to show how you’ve done this for yourself can be a great help. According to Suzi Nelson, a contributor to Digital Marketer, there are many metrics for your own social media following that you can and should include on your resume. Some of these metrics are followers, engagement, any sales you’ve made, likes and more. Especially if you’ve done any of your social media work from a business perspective, this information can be very beneficial to have on your resume.

Emphasize Your Writing Experience

Although a lot of social media is visual, a big part of it is also text. And when you’re able to effectively craft social posts to get engagement from your audience, that’s something worth putting on your resume. According to Alison Doyle, a contributor to The Balance, the best social media copy is engaging, clear, and on-message for whatever you’re trying to say or promote. In addition to being grammatically correct, which is something many people struggle with, the ability to write effective social posts is something many companies are willing to pay a pretty penny for.

Learn About Paid Ads

Along with your normal social posts, many businesses are looking for employees that are experienced with paid ads via social media. If this isn’t something you’ve ventured into yet on your own, Megan Marrs, a contributor to WordStream, suggests trying a few things on your own. Once you’ve been able to find some success here, there’s nothing stopping you from adding this skill set to your resume to help you find a job. Not only will this be a very marketable skill to have, but it can also help you grow your own following, which will only make you more of a valuable employee for a lucky company.

If you have been using social media for years but aren’t sure how to showcase this skill on your resume, consider the tips mentioned above to help you do just that.