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3 Ways Traveling Can Benefit Your Education

If you’re a student, you’re likely very concerned with the amount of education you’re able to get and how it’s going to help you have a better life in the future. And if you’re concerned about this, your parents are likely even more concerned about this for you. Although getting a formal education can be important in many lines of work, getting some experience in life can be just as beneficial for many people. So to help convince your parents that taking that semester abroad or spending some time in another country will be worth it for you, here are three proven ways that traveling can benefit your education.

Get Up Close With History

When we don’t learn from our past, we might find ourselves doomed to make those same mistakes in our future. Knowing this, it’s crucial to everyone that they take the time to study the history of the past in order to get a better grip on the present and the future.

When you travel, you’re able to get a much more up-close look at the history of a certain area. According to Leon Logothesis, a contributor to the Huffington Post, traveling can help you learn history in a more hands-on way and can really cement what you’ve learned into your mind. Especially if you’re interested in a certain period of time or a particular culture, traveling to that place or seeing things from those days can help you learn much more than you might be able to just from reading a text.

Compare and Contrast Cultures

Through traveling, you’re able to see and experience different cultures. Regardless of your area of study, witnessing how the world is viewed from those living in a different place around the world can give you a greater appreciation of your own life along with an understanding and appreciation for other people. According to Nina Makofsky, a contributor to USA Today, the best way to see these cultures while traveling is to speak to the native people as much as you can and see as many authentic and original things in that area as you can.

Expand Your Language Skills

There are many areas of study where learning a different language could be beneficial to you. Things like business, medicine, science, art, history, education and more could all see a need for learning or at least understanding another language. According to Sienna Fantozzi, a contributor to, spending some of your educational time in another country is one of the best ways to cement a language you know only conversationally into a language that you can now speak fluently.

If you’re interested in spending some time in another country, consider the information presented above to better understand how going abroad could be very helpful to the furthering of your education.