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3 tips for maintaining your student accommodation

With many students moving into new accommodation after a few months having to study from home it may come as a bit of a shock to the system, having a larger area to clean. If your parents took care of the cleaning at home then you are not alone, but maintaining a clean home as a student can have a lot of productivity benefits!

Here we break down how to properly maintain your student accommodation and give yourself the best space possible to enjoy your time at university. Keep reading to find out more!

  • Clean the student accommodation regularly

Cleaning is a chore that some people love whilst others loathe, If you are on the latter half of that spectrum we recommend keeping on top of the cleaning with small regular sessions. This will help stop the student accommodation from getting too messy whilst also not taking up a huge amount of your time. Additionally, student housing is known for its history with pests within properties. By regularly cleaning, you are less at risk of needing a company that offers pest control tyler way, or pest control services wherever you are living, to come and resolve the issue for you.

  • Try and stay on top of the washing!

Staying on top of the washing can be a challenge at university however there are plenty of benefits to be had when it comes to staying on top of the washing. You save time, do not have to worry about a large pile building up and it also makes the space appear more clean and tidy!

Remember to buy good quality detergent, This will increase the chances of you getting a good wash and stop your clothes from smelling afterwards.

  • Arrange a cleaning rota with willing house mates

Just as homeowners do the routine cleaning and sanitizing (with the help of cleaning or Property Damage Restoration Company), student accommodation also ought to be cleaned regularly. Arranging a cleaning rota with housemates is a good way to break up the monotony of cleaning and maintaining a home without too much hassle. There is of course always the chance that some housemates may not be willing to take part, but with a bit of persuading, they are sure to come around. Make sure everyone has access to the rota to ensure no one is ever confused about what they are set to clean/what task to complete on any given day.

Check with your provider about additional services

If you are in a kind of serviced accommodation then there is always the chance that cleaning services will be provided. Make sure that you check with the provider of these services and work out if they apply to you. This will take a bit of the pressure of you when it comes to cleaning, allowing you to focus on your studies.