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3 Tips for Decorating Your First Apartment Post-College

Moving out of the dorm room and into your own place can be an exciting adventure like no other. Graduating from college presents all kinds of new challenges, and setting up your first real living space is one of them. While old band flyers and random memorabilia may have decked out your college walls, it is time for you to decorate your new apartment in a way that reflects your entry to adulthood. Included here are a few tips for decorating your first apartment post-college.


Choose Fine Art

The most critical aspect of any home decor may lie with the walls. Your art taste can reflect your personality, maturity level, and ideas. Art can bring a sense of calm or excitement to your home. Take time to evaluate color schemes in each room, or simply purchase paintings you have always wanted at home. No one can tell you a picture is too boring or too radical if it suits you and your home.

If you are unsure of how to decorate your home in terms of style and color, a good place to start can be with a painting or picture. Take stock of the picture’s overall theme and color scheme. By choosing specific detail colors within the picture, you can find an accent color for your entire room. You can be sure your rooms match the art and even showcase your favorite pieces.

Invest in Furniture

Remember when you were in college and a free couch was a great couch? Fortunately, the days of sleeping on someone’s discarded sofa are over, and it is time to step it up in the furniture department. Decking out your home with comfortable, attractive furniture, such a queen beds, modern dining room chairs or even just a brand new comfy couch can allow you to feel more comfortable in your home and up the aesthetic appeal.

For a clean look, you can consider going with a chic gray or white couch, but take into consideration how you live. Do you like to eat dinner on the couch, maybe with a glass of red wine? If so, choosing furniture colors that will stain easily will not suit you. If you are constantly cold, leather may also be a poor choice and wooden armrests may not be conducive to laying down to watch movies.


One of the biggest symptoms of college dorm living is clutter. You have study books, recreational equipment, bedding, clothes, and old pizza boxes all lumped together in one small room. Moving into your first place can feel too big and overwhelming at first, but resist the urge to fill up the space.

Cluttered homes can lead to stressed and confused mindsets. The best design ideas will typically come to you after you live in a space for a few months and consider its pros and cons. Take stock of the light in your new home, the temperature and the overall feel. This will allow you to only purchase decor that suits the home and you can keep the space simple and uncluttered.