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3 Tips for Choosing The Perfect Major For You

Picking a college major is a big decision. Not only will your choice affect how the four years you spend in college will go, but it will also have a huge impact on the type of career you have once you’ve finished college. And while you can find a great job that doesn’t relate to a specific major, most people choose their major based either on the job they want to have or their skills. So to help you make this decision a little easier, here are three tips for choosing the perfect major for you.

Get Help From Your School

Although many college students come to campus already knowing what they want to do with their life and the perfect major to help them get there, there are a lot of students who still aren’t sure which path they should take. Luckily, there are likely a lot of resources available from your university to help you make this decision easier. Lindsey Mayfield and Julie Mayfield, contributors to U.S. News and World Report, share that almost all colleges have counselors available in career centers to help you go through all the majors offered on your campus and find one that fits you. You can also take personality or aptitude tests to help you find what skills you have will lend themselves to the best career.

Take Elective Courses To Narrow Your Path

If you’re one of the many students who doesn’t know which direction you should take your life, Gianna Sen-Gupta, a contributor to, recommends using the elective credits available within all majors to feel out some introductory classes in various majors. If you’re interested in finance but aren’t sure to what extent, take an accounting class and see how it goes. Although you can use your elective credits for any class, like something that will be an easy class to help your GPA, if you’re not sure what to major in, you should try to use these credits strategically to help you narrow down your interests and skills.

Look Beyond Your Years On Campus

It’s not uncommon for someone to spend four years in college getting their degree just to discover that once they have a job in their field, it isn’t what they had anticipated. And while this can feel like you’ve just wasted a lot of time and money, there are things you can do while still in college to minimize the chances of this happening to you. Emma Sarran Webster, a contributor to Teen Vogue, suggests looking ahead and beyond the four years you spend in classes to see if the jobs that work well with your major will actually make you happy during your working years. If you don’t enjoy doing the work for class and don’t want to spend years of your life in this area of study, your current major might not be the perfect fit for you.

If you’re trying to figure out what major to pick for your college degree, use the tips mentioned above to help you choose the right one for you.