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3 Educationally Challenged But Ultimately Successful Individuals

So you didn’t fit the mold. You tried, or maybe you didn’t, and somewhere along the way, you realized the higher education system is not for you. There are a lot of good reasons for that to be the case. You may have ADHD; you may not have connected with who you are, or you may have just realized you just don’t care for their brand of smarter. No matter, now, here you are faced with the reality of our employment system. No degree means you are on a much lower rung of pay, you have a harder time getting interviews, and you are likely to lose opportunities that not necessarily smarter people get because they have a degree in basket weaving.


We all believe that life should be fair. It’s not. Was never meant to be and will never be. That is not to say that what’s not fair (as far as having a degree) has to hamper you. If you are determined, smart, hard working, and tough, you can overcome unfairness to astounding levels. Who are some people who stand out for their lack of education and the extent of their success?

Steve Jobs

When Steve Jobs passed away as a result of cancer, he was worth $11 billion dollars. That’s billion with a “B.” As a young man, he was described as “kind of a brain and kind of a hippie” because of his competing interests in technical and artistic fields. He was dual enrolled as a senior, taking English at Stanford, while finishing his high school education, then chose to attend college at Reed College in Oregon. He dropped out of Reed but audited classes for a bit till moving back to California to become involved with the start of Apple. Jobs was stated to be highly intelligent, persistent, passionate, and true to himself. This combination of characteristics is what drove him to the great success he saw, and ultimately the impact that he had on the world as a whole.

David Green

With a $600 loan in his pocket to start his home business selling miniature picture frames, David took his first steps toward an eventual net worth of over $6.4 billion dollars. His budding business turned into the big box craft supply vendor, Hobby Lobby. Green credits his relationship with Jesus Christ as the impetus for his drive. He donates half of his company’s earnings to Christian Evangelical organizations. His passion for the Gospel compels him to his work ethic and to care for those who work for him. His success is a direct result of following a passion he truly believes in and sharing that passion with others in real ways.

Benedict Morelli

Having dropped out of law school twice, one would think that one may not be destined for the legal profession. Morelli sees things differently. As the litigator in some of the largest personal injury suits in the U.S, Morrelli has earned multiple 8 figure verdicts. Rated as one of the top lawyers in the country, Morelli has risen to the highest of heights despite the challenges he faced at the beginning of his career. He credits his success to his driven work ethic, claiming that he works harder than anybody he knows.

Three very different individuals, offering three very different perspectives on achieving success outside of the standard methodology. In common you see passion, hard work, sacrifice, and drive. If you approach your life in the same way, you will achieve much more than others may expect of you.